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Devon Loves His Little Sister

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One thing I didn’t update on was Devon and his awesome relationship with his new little sister.

Devon feeding Cheyenne for the first time!!
Devon is really great with Cheyenne. The first day they spent together was awesome!! Every time Cheyenne would cry or make a noise, Devon would come over and talk to her and pet her little head and tell her it was okay. He enjoys feeding her and likes to hold her from time to time.
He is getting to be such a big help with her. He likes to get her out of the carseat for me when we go places so I don’t have to crawl into the car to get her out. When I put Cheyenne in her swing, Devon will come over and strap her in and make sure she is secure.

Devon and Cheyenne on their first day together!

Before Cheyenne was born, he helped me prepare by going through all of his toys and books and pulled out things he thought Cheyenne would like. He pulled out a couple of toys that he had from when he was little and he has passed down a few books from when he was a baby and toddler. It is so awesome to see him sharing and wanting to give things to Cheyenne and be a good big brother!!

Devon holding Cheyenne at almost 3 weeks old.

Devon & Cheyenne holding hands – about 6 weeks old

Devon and Cheyenne are going to get along just great!! He is such a good big brother and she loves him already. I am so glad they like each other so much. When Devon holds Cheyenne, she will smile at him and he just loves that!! It is so sweet to see my 2 angels loving each other! As a mom, I couldn’t ask for anything else!!


One thought on “Devon Loves His Little Sister

  1. Love the last picture! He is a good big brother and a great cousin!

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