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Look what Cheyenne has found!!

Cheyenne has found her thumb!! She will start sucking on her fist or just a couple of fingers and then she will work them around until she has just her thumb in her mouth. It is so precious!!

Yesterday, August 26, 2009, Cheyenne found her feet!! She’s been lifting her legs up for a few days now and she finally reached out and grabbed her foot!!

She is only grabbing her left foot with her left hand right now. She is lifting her right leg up too, but she hasn’t willingly grabbed her right foot. She is lifting her left leg up higher than her right leg. Perhaps she will be left-legged like her Momma!! A gymnast in the making!!

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Cheyenne’s development

I am happy to announce that Cheyenne is doing so great!! I have been putting her on her tummy for at least a few minutes every day so she can work on strengthening her neck and back and work on lifting her head up. She absolutely hates being on her stomach…she cries if she is on her tummy for more than a minute or two. But I keep trying…she can pick her head up just enough not to smother herself…and rest her chin on the ground. Then…all of a sudden…when I put her on her tummy Monday, August 17th, I put her on her tummy and as soon as I did, she lifted her head and chest up off the ground so good…like she had been doing it for weeks. She even had her legs off the ground too, so she was just balancing on her tummy. She was so precious…she looked like a little beached whale. Then she spit up…

She is holding her head up really well when she is being held. She is cooing and talking and even laughing and it is so cute. She will laugh and every time she laughs, she gets the hiccups. She used to get them every time she ate, and she has finally learned to eat without swallowing air and now she needs to learn how to laugh without swallowing air!! She is so precious when she laughs and “talks” to you.

She is holding things and playing with them. She is beginning to put them in her mouth when she holds her toys.

She is also starting to pull things up over her face when you give her a blanket or a lovie….

I can’t believe she is already almost 11 weeks old and she is just continuing to grow!! She is already over 13 lbs and was 24″ tall at her 2 month check up!! Time to put a brick on her head!!!

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Cheyenne’s 2 Month Check-up

Well, I am a few days late posting this, but Cheyenne did have her 2 month check-up after many problems and lots of tears getting to that point.

It all began when I made her 2 month well-check appointment about a month ago. I absolutely love the doctor she has been going to since she was born. She is wonderful with Cheyenne and loves on her every time we have gone in. So I had scheduled her 2 month well-check and the day before her appointment, they call to verify her appointment and when I call back to confirm, they told me that I couldn’t bring her in because they are out of network for the insurance plan she has. I asked why they had been seeing her for the past 2 months and not said anything and their answer was because when babies are born, they are covered under the mother’s insurance for the first 2 months…ok…that’s great…I have the same insurance she does. I don’t get it…so I had to call Medicaid and change her plan, but they can’t change it until she is 90 days old. Mind you, I didn’t choose this plan…when I got the package with all the information in it for the plans to choose from, I was looking over them and 2 days later got the information saying I had been signed up with Unicare. Anyway, she can’t be changed until she is 90 days old…So I called the doctor that was assigned on her insurance card and they couldn’t get her in for 3 weeks. I didn’t want to wait that long..they said it’s okay for her vaccinations to be a little late, and I told them I didn’t want them to be late, because by the time I got in and got her vaccinations, she would have to come back about a month later for more vaccinations. There is a reason vaccinations are scheduled 2 months apart. Anyway, I called the insurance company to find another doctor and they told me no doctors in my area are accepting new patients…I would have to drive a long way to see a doctor. So I started calling doctors in my book and found one close by that is accepting new patients and they could get Cheyenne in the next day. So I called the insurance company back and told them the doctor that I wanted to switch to. They said that doctor is at their limit and couldn’t have any more patients added without authorization. So they called and got authorization.

Anyway, that got cleared up and I took Cheyenne in for her 2 month well-check. She got her vaccinations and a VERY quick well-check…I think the doctor was in the room about a minute and a half. I didn’t feel that I could get questions answered that I had. I had to stop him 3 different times from leaving the room with questions I had. I was very disappointed and upset when I left.

Anyway, I am happy to report that she did get a good report and is doing well. She got 3 shots and 1 oral vaccination. I am glad she got in for an appointment, but I can’t wait to get her switched back to the doctor she has been seeing. Unfortunately, that won’t be effective until October 1st. Just in time for her 4 month well-check and vaccinations.

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Poor Baby Girl

Well, I had to take Cheyenne for her first sick visit to the doctor yesterday. She had been coughing for a few days, but it was very seldom and I figured with her learning to make new noises, this was just a new noise she had learned. It was just a little cough, no chest congestion or anything, pretty much just a sound. Then on Friday morning, when she was having Grandpa time, he said she sounded a little congested in her nose. I heard it a little and said I’d keep an eye on it throughout the day. I didn’t really notice it the rest of the day or over the weekend. Then Sunday night, when she woke up for her feedings, she was so congested, I could hear it with every breath she took. Poor baby was so stuffy. She was also sneezing a lot and coughing a lot more. So I called her doctor yesterday morning and she couldn’t get in with her doctor, so we saw one of the associates there and we went in yesterday afternoon.

Poor little Cheyenne has an upper respiratory infection. She didn’t get any antibiotics because the doctor said they won’t work and of course she is too young for any over the counter cold medications. So she just told me to get saline drops for her nose and a humidifier to have on at night to help her sleep. It’s funny because I told Mom before I went to the doctor “I can tell you right now what she’ll say. She’ll say to get saline drops for her nose and a cool mist humidifier.” Sure enough that’s exactly what she said. I’ve been around this block a few times, but I wanted to take her to the doctor to make sure it wasn’t in her ears like mine use to. The doctor said it wasn’t in her ears or in her chest thank goodness. Just in her nose for now…good thing I took her in when I did and caught it early. She has a follow-up appointment on Friday to check her again and see how she’s doing and make sure it hasn’t moved into her ears or chest. Then she goes back next Tuesday, if everything is better, for her 2 month check up and shots. If she’s not better though, I will reschedule because I’m not going to get her shots if she’s still sick. Luckily she hasn’t been running a fever, but they said she can run up to 102 degrees. So I’m watching out for that. She seems to be feeling better today, still sneezing and coughing, but she seems to feel better. She slept 7 1/2 hours last night and that was after sleeping practically off an on practically all day yesterday.

I hate it when my babies get sick…she is so young that she doesn’t know what’s going on and can’t tell me when she doesn’t feel good. I always feel so bad when my kids get sick…I just wish I could be sick in their place. I’m just glad it’s not worse than it is!!