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Cheyenne’s development

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I am happy to announce that Cheyenne is doing so great!! I have been putting her on her tummy for at least a few minutes every day so she can work on strengthening her neck and back and work on lifting her head up. She absolutely hates being on her stomach…she cries if she is on her tummy for more than a minute or two. But I keep trying…she can pick her head up just enough not to smother herself…and rest her chin on the ground. Then…all of a sudden…when I put her on her tummy Monday, August 17th, I put her on her tummy and as soon as I did, she lifted her head and chest up off the ground so good…like she had been doing it for weeks. She even had her legs off the ground too, so she was just balancing on her tummy. She was so precious…she looked like a little beached whale. Then she spit up…

She is holding her head up really well when she is being held. She is cooing and talking and even laughing and it is so cute. She will laugh and every time she laughs, she gets the hiccups. She used to get them every time she ate, and she has finally learned to eat without swallowing air and now she needs to learn how to laugh without swallowing air!! She is so precious when she laughs and “talks” to you.

She is holding things and playing with them. She is beginning to put them in her mouth when she holds her toys.

She is also starting to pull things up over her face when you give her a blanket or a lovie….

I can’t believe she is already almost 11 weeks old and she is just continuing to grow!! She is already over 13 lbs and was 24″ tall at her 2 month check up!! Time to put a brick on her head!!!


One thought on “Cheyenne’s development

  1. Big girl! Man, I don't think we were 13 pounds until 7 month or so! By our 9 month we were only 15! Glad she's doing well.

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