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Cheyenne’s 4 month "birthday"

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Well, Cheyenne is 4 months old today!! I can’t believe it…Monday will be 18 weeks…sometimes it seems like no time at all and other times it seems like it has been longer than 18 weeks.

She is getting so big and growing and learning every day. She is playing with her feet all the time and loves to laugh!! She is such a happy baby!!

She is really studying things now…she will lay there or sit there and really study her hands and fingers and watch them move. She is reaching out to my face and feeling my face and playing with my mouth. She loves to look at her toys and study them. She is reaching out for toys or anything nearby and picking them up. She is starting to smile and react when she hears certain words or names.

There is some really big news to report this month…Cheyenne is teething!! She has been for about 2 weeks or so…she has been fussy and running just a bare elevated temperature of about 99 degrees off and on. She is drooling a lot more than she has been. Remember she has produced a lot of saliva and drooled since she was born. But now she is really drooling sucking and chewing on things, and her gums are a little swollen and I can see two little nuggets on the bottom where her two bottom teeth will be. She has been like this for about 2 weeks and today I looked and saw just under the skin, the white of two little teeth getting ready to poke through her gums. It is so cute and I hate that she is going through so much trouble. Luckily she is not having an least not yet…But she also had reddened cheeks which I read is also a sign of teething. This teething is all new to me…Devon had no problems at all when he was teething. He wasn’t fussy, didn’t have fever, diarrhea or anything…I just started seeing teeth coming through. He was a breeze…I’m just so excited that Cheyenne is teething…it’s so cute.

Cheyenne also had another major milestone today…she turned over from her back to her tummy!!! Right on her 4 month birthday!! They are supposed to go from tummy to back first and then about a month later, go from back to tummy..Cheyenne doesn’t like being on her tummy, so we weren’t able to work on tummy to back until here recently. We are still working on it, but she rolled from her back to her tummy today and then actually tried to roll on back over to her back but her arm was in the way and she couldn’t…we will continue to work on that. The funny thing about it is that from then on, she would get on her tummy and play for a couple of minutes and then she would get upset, so I would turn her back over on to her back and she would immediately roll back over. Every time I out her on her back after that, she would turn right back over.

She is starting to push up on her elbows when she is on her tummy and tonight after she would roll onto her tummy, she would pull her legs up and tuck her knees under her and try to push up on them. Earlier today, she would push up on her toes and lift her legs and hips off the ground while she was on her tummy. She is beginning to realize that she can move in different ways and make different things move. This morning, before she turned over, she was laying on her back and arching her back and lifting her bottom off the ground. She is just so cute and learning so many different things. She is growing so fast and getting more precious and beautiful every day…. She has her 4 month check-up next week and we get to go back to the doctor that she saw up until she turned 2 months old. I really like that doctor and am so excited to get to go back to her. I’ll post again after her check up!!


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