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Well, Cheyenne has entered a new phase of infancy. Now that she is 4 months old, her doctor told me I could start feeding her cereal mixed with formula twice a day.
As expected, the first time didn’t go well and was dubbed unsucessful….even though she was showing all of the signs on the readiness checklist…

So I waited a few days and tried again. It went much better. She is wanting to suck the cereal off the spoon rather than really opening her mouth and taking a bite. Every once in a while she will open her mouth and actually take a bite, so she is getting better and improves every day.

She really seems to like her cereal. Even though she isn’t eating it quite the right way yet, when she does take a bite or sucks it off the spoon, she will swallow it and smack her lips or suck her lips to get the rest of it off. For now I am just giving her cereal twice a day followed by a bottle and then her regular bottles throughout the day. I am getting ready to start giving her 5 oz. bottles instead of 4 oz. When she finishes the 4 oz. bottles, she cries because it is gone. I think she needs just a little bit more. She has been eating the same amount for 2 months now. Dr. Raj said to wait until about 6 months before giving her the fruits and vegetables and starting baby food. That will be here before I know it…

She is getting so big so fast and is constantly changing and growing. She is constantly smiling and laughing and is just such a happy baby!!


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