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Cheyenne’s 1st Halloween

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Cheyenne had her first Halloween this year and she was absolutely adorable!!

She started her day out by playing with her pumpkin (which is almost as big as she is!!). She just kind of looked at it at first, but then she liked it and started touching it and laughing. She thought it was neat!!

Then after dinner, Cheyenne got her costume on and we had picture time!! I was trying to stand her up in the chair to take a full picture of her costume, and she fell over and landed just like this and didn’t move. She wasn’t quite sure what to do with this costume…

We did finally get a good picture of her standing up in the chair…her little legs are so strong and she loves to stand….

Then she fell down again, but she managed to give me a big smile!! She was getting a little more comfortable in the costume.

Then we went out on the porch and Cheyenne sat with her pumpkin.
We didn’t go trick or treating, but she dressed up and we passed out candy to the trick or treaters that came to the house.
Then we went to Mimi & Pop’s to “trick or treat” and visit for a while!! It was a great night and she was the cutest little cheetah in town!!


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