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Cheyenne’s 6 month "birthday"

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Well, my sweet baby girl is 6 months old today!! I can’t believe it has already been 6 months!! Half of a year! Her first birthday will be here before I know it. She has come so far in just a short 6 months.

Cheyenne got a high chair a few weeks ago and she just loves it!!

She is eating her cereal, oatmeal, mixed cereal and organic oatmeal extremely well. She even tries to grab my hand and push the spoon in her mouth occasionally. She gets so excited when she sees her cereal bowl and sees me get the high chair and ask her if she wants to eat. She grins really big and starts bouncing around. Sometimes, if she’s in Grandpa’s lap, she just about leaps out of his arms and lap.

She is starting to reach out now. Sometimes when I go to get her out of her crib, or her walker or from Grandpa, when I clap my hands, she will reach out to me. She is so sweet when she reaches out and grins at me.

She is finally rolling from her tummy to her back. She rolled from back to tummy first, which is usually learned after tummy to back, but Cheyenne did it backwards. So now she rolls all over the floor. She goes back and forth from back to tummy then tummy to back over and over again. We have had to graduate from just the play gym to keeping a palette (old comforter doubled up) on the living room floor so she can move around. She is not crawling yet, but she is definitely on the move. She will roll over and rotate herself around and scoot herself and before you know it, she is across the room!! It’s so cute!!

She is also sitting up really well in her Boppy. She isn’t quite sitting up by herself, but we are working on it and when she is in her Boppy, she can sit in that by herself. If she leans forward to get a toy or something, she can sit herself back up on her own. Her back muscles are so strong. If she leans to the side, she’s starting to be able to sit herself back up, but sometimes she still needs help getting upright. Her side muscles aren’t as strong as her back yet.

She also loves her Bubba (Devon) so much!! There are times that Devon can make her laugh or cheer her up when no one else can. And of course, Devon is crazy about her too!!

She is making such a wide variety of sound and movements now. She has come such a long way in her short 6 months and I couldn’t be more happy. I wish I could pause time or at least slow it down, but I can’t …so I can’t wait to see what she learns and how far she goes in her next 6 months!!

She has her 6 month checkup next week with her pediatrician and she will be getting shots. I hope she has an easier time than she did at 4 months. We will also be starting baby foods after her checkup. I am so excited about that. I know I will eat my words the first time she spits something back at me or knocks the spoon out of my hand and green beans end up all over the floor!! But it’s all worth it to see her grow up into the wonderful woman she will be.


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