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Food & developmental update

Well, like I said in my previous post, Cheyenne has started eating baby food. So far she has had peaches, sweet potatoes, green beans, applesauce, bananas, squash, peas, carrots and most recently, pears. She has loved everything she has had so far.
We had to take a haitus from applesauce and bananas for a while because I was afraid one of them was causing a breakout of bumps on her back and sides. I bathed her with oatmeal wash and used Eucerin lotion on her. After a few days they started going away and now they are completely gone. I then re-introduced apples and bananas after the doctor said it didn’t look like a food allergy and didn’t look dangerous. I finally came to the conclusion that it was the lotion that I started using on her the night before the bumps arrived. This is why I don’t use generic products on her, apparently there was something different in the Target brand of Lavender bedtime lotion that wasn’t in the J&J brand. I quit using the lotion after just 2 nights because I didn’t like the feel of it, not really even because of the rash…at the time I thought it may be bananas. But I did come to the conclusion that the lotion was the culprit. I have since gotten the J&J brand and she doesn’t have a problem.

Now, our new problem, apparently she could be allergic to pears. Which is odd, because pears is usually on of the first foods recommended. She started pears the other day and has had a really bad diaper rash ever since. Every time she has a BM, wherever it was touching her is fire engine red and rashy. So I have stopped pears for awhile to let that clear up and then I will try again to determine if it is the pears, or if she just got a diaper rash. We’ll see.

So far I have been really lucky…she hasn’t been allergic to anything (except maybe the pears) and she hasn’t disliked anything.

She is now eating Level 2 foods, so I’ll be able to start her on some of the combinations soon.

She is growing up so fast and learning so many new things. She is now clapping and she has this new face where she scrunches up her mouth and nose and sometimes her eyes if she smiles while she’s doing it. It’s so cute. I already miss some of the other faces of Cheyenne that I’ve seen over the past 7 months, but there are also many more to come.

Yesterday, she was sitting on the floor playing with her SillyTown and she pulled herself up onto her knees. While this toy is a long row, it is not stable, so I told her to sit down and was getting ready to sit her back down when over she went. Very slowly, almost like slow motion, her weight toppled the town over backwards and she ended up laying on top of it. No, she wasn’t hurt….she thought it was funny….

Today, she was laying in her pack & play and I went to sit her up and she pushed with her legs and wanted to stand up so I stood her up and she stood up in the pack & play and held on to the edge and stood there all by herself for a few seconds. I didn’t dare take my hands off of her for more than the second it took to snap the picture.
I can’t wait to see what she learns next!

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Well, so far 2010 has been a good year! On January 8th, Cheyenne turned 7 months old and she is just growing so fast and doing so many new things.

She is babbling a mile a minute now…she strings long “sentences” of da da da da, and ba, ba, ba, ba and ma, ma, ma, ma. When she is upset or tired, or wants something, she will say Ma, ma, ma, mama, mama, over and over again. She also will say Mama when she wakes up during the night or from her naps. She is also starting to say Bubba…She will say Bu, Bu, Bu, and sometimes put them together and say “Bubba” and of course Devon gets a kick out of that. Bubba is her nickname for Devon and he just gets so excited and proud when she says Bubba.

Cheyenne starting eating baby food at 6 months and she is doing great. The first food I introduced to her was peaches. Every once in a while, she will make a funny face when she eats them because they are a little tart. Then I gave her sweet potatoes and she absolutely loves her sweet potatoes. She will sit in her high chair and just sit there with her mouth open waiting for the next bite! It’s so cute!

Then we introduced green beans and she likes them okay. Sometimes she eats them with gusto and sometimes I have to work at getting her to eat them. But she doesn’t spit them out, so at least she doesn’t dislike them. I did get my first baby food sneeze the other day. I was feeding her green beans and as soon as she took a bite, she sneezed!! Of all things, a green bean sneeze…it couldn’t have been a sweet potato or banana sneeze, no…it had to be a green bean sneeze!! But it was so sweet & funny.

Next, we started bananas and she loves her bananas. She smacks her lips whenever she eats pretty much any of her foods and she hasn’t shown a dislike for anything yet. We have also started applesauce and she loves her applesauce. We have also started squash and she seems to like that. The first time, she didn’t eat it with as much gusto, but the second time she ate it, she loved it!

She still likes her cereal as well and so far has liked everything that comes near her mouth. Everything except for black-eyed peas that is….But I think that was my fault. On New Year’s Day, we went over to Mimi & Pop’s for our New Year’s black eyed peas. Since everyone is supposed to eat black-eyed peas for luck, I mashed a couple up with my fork and gave them to Cheyenne. She didn’t like them….she almost choked and then scrunched up her face indicating she didn’t want any more. But I think I didn’t get them mashed up enough for her and she didn’t care for it like that. We’ll try again when I can make it the right way.

We are taking a break from bananas and applesauce for a while because she has broken out in little bumps all over her torso and one arm. They don’t really have any color, except when I am bathing her, but we are going to the doctor today to see if that is possibly an allergy. Since I am allergic to bananas, this could be a possibility. But it didn’t start until she started applesauce and had also been drinking apple juice, of course diluted half and half with water.

She is learning so many new things…she has learned to clap in the last few days. She has started clapping on her own, but if we clap, she will start clapping too! What was really funny, was we were watching the Cowboys first playoff game the other day and Grandpa and I were getting really excited and would clap and holler when the Cowboys did something good (we are loud and excited fans), which was most of the game, but it was so funny, because then Cheyenne would start clapping too!! So Cheyenne was cheering on the Cowboys with Momma and Grandpa! It was precious! Time to get her a little jersey!!

She is also sitting on her own…I have been putting the Boppy behind her in case she fell over, but she uses that as a reason to fall over, so I don’t put it there anymore and she will sit there for a long time. I have also set up her playpen in the den so she can sit in there and play sometimes or if I need to leave the room, she can play in there because now I can’t leave her on the floor in the room by herself, since she is moving all over the place, rolling, scooting and getting ready to crawl. She loves to sit in her playpen and play with her toys…

As I type this, she fell over sort of to the side and back a little and she used her arm to sit herself back up. I think using the side of the playpen helped because she is so close to doing it when she is on the floor.

Cheyenne finally has two front teeth!! After 3 1/2 months of teething swelling, pain and fussiness off and on, her two bottom teeth finally broke through on Christmas day!! Now they are almost all of the way in and she loves to grin really big and show them off. She also takes her tongue and stick it out down her chin and it took me a while to figure out what she was doing and she is feeling her teeth against her tongue. She also takes the tip of her tongue and flicks it against her teeth and sometimes she takes her fingernails and scrapes them across her teeth…she is totally in awe of her new teeth and it is so cute!!

She is also just about ready to start crawling. She will get up on all fours and is getting much better at it and is getting stronger. Most of the time, when I go to get her up from her nap, she is back there on her hands and knees, so it won’t be long…she will get up on her hands and knees and rock back and forth, which is the first step to crawling…before I know it, she will really be all over the place and then pulling up on things and then WALKING!!! Oh no….where is the pause button???