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Cheyenne’s New Bath

It’s getting very difficult (and messy) to bathe Cheyenne in her baby bathtub in the sink anymore. She loves to splash and wiggle around and it’s just not convenient anymore. So I went out and got her a new bathtub. It’s an inflatable duck tub that fits inside the regular bathtub. It is so cute and last night, she had her first “big bath”!!

She had such a good time and was splashing around and was so cute! This tub is shaped like a duck and when you squeeze the beak, it quacks. So she thought that was funny.

It was much easier to bathe her that way (although I now need to get the little pad/stepstool to kneel down on since my knees aren’t what they used to be) and she could splash and have fun without me having to worry about her falling. This tub is neat because I don’t have to worry about her slipping in the big bathtub. It has a grooved bottom, which is inflatable too. And it’s not really big to where she could move around a lot and slip. If she does fall over, it’s full of air so it’s cushioned! I love this bathtub and it’s much easier!!
At the end of the bath, she petted the duck and told her goodbye….

Awwwww…could she be any cuter??

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Cheyenne’s First Real Sick Spell

My poor little Cheyenne is in the midst of her first official sick spell. She’s had a couple of upper respiratory infections before where she was stuffy for a few days, which I think was all leading up to her teeth coming in. She started teething when she was 3 months old. And then she was pretty snotty when her teeth broke through.

But this time, she has been really snotty and coughing. Nana and Grandpa went down to see Cheyenne’s cousins, Rachel and Claire a week or so ago and when they got back, Nana was sick with runny nose and coughing. Then, the net day, Cheyenne got really snotty and started coughing. I didn’t really worry about it, figuring it was just a cold that is going around plus the cold weather probably didn’t help. But then her fever reached 100 degrees which is nothing to worry about, but just wanted to alert her doctor and see what she said. She said to bring her in just to make sure it was just a cold. So of course this happens when we have a foot of snow on the ground. So I bundle Cheyenne up and take her to the doctor the day after it snowed all day long. So her throat and lungs are beautiful the doctor says. Then she looks in her ears and says that it’s pretty red…so we are going to put her on antibiotics. I asked her which ear and she said “both of them”. So my poor Cheyenne has her first ear infection…in both ears!! Let’s just hope this is a one time thing. I had a terrible time with ear infections as a baby and I just hope little Cheyenne doesn’t have to go through that. She has been so cranky and fussy off and on..she will go long periods of time being just fine, then all of a sudden, just start screaming and crying and nothing makes it better. Not even Grandpa holding her…you know it’s bad when even Grandpa can’t make it better!!

But she is doing much better now…we are halfway through the antibiotic treatment and her fussy sessions are fewer and farther between. The doctor wants to see her after 2 weeks to check her ears, and she is also due for her 2nd flu shots around the same time and also for her 9 month checkup…all around the beginning of March. So we’ll be going to the doctor a lot over the next few weeks.

One good thing to come out of all of this…she may not be napping very well during the day, probably due to her stuffiness, but she has been sleeping all night long every night since she got sick. She will go to bed about 7:15 or 7:30 and she will sleep until 6:30 or 6:45 every morning. I’m hoping that will continue even once she feels better. Now…to get her to nap during the day again!

I’m just glad my sweet little girl is doing better and feeling more like herself, although this didn’t really slow her down much…she was still all over the place and smiling and playing, she just had some “fussy sessions” thrown in the mix!!

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8 Months Already???

Has it already been 8 months since my little princess was born? I can’t believe it! Cheyenne turned 8 months old yesterday and just in the last month, but especially just in the last 2 to 3 days, she has learned so much!

She is still loving all of her food. I thought she might be having a problem with pears, since she developed a pretty bad diaper rash after starting pears. So I stopped the pears and once the rash went away, reintroduced the pears and she didn’t have any more problems. So she must have just had a diaper rash. I started her on Apricots with Apples and Pears the other day and she has a little diaper rash again, so I am waiting until it goes away and going to reintroduce it and see if there are any more problems.

Well, my little Cheyenne is on the move. She is crawling now and just over the weekend, started pulling up in her Pack N Play and in her crib.

She also pulled up on the end table and up on the couch.

She started out getting up on her knees and within a couple of days, she was pulling up to her feet. She is even getting brave and letting go when she is on her knees and a couple of times when she was up on her feet. I am definitely not ready for that!!

She also loves to pull up to her play table and she is now able to really play with it and she dances when it plays music. She is so cute!!
She is waving to people now… of course she does it just like her Momma used to…waving at’s precious!! Any time someone walks in the room, she will wave at them.
There is no more just sitting her down to play or laying her down to roll around a little bit. She is definitely mobile and I wonder if I am ever going to get to sit down again.
As I have been typing this, I have had to get up several times to move her back into the middle of the den and so I finally had to put up the gate. Unfortunately, right now it is very inconvenient because it isn’t a walk thru gate, but it is also a tall gate so we can’t step over it. So we have to walk through the front living room just to get to the kitchen. So now we are in the market for a good gate that we can put across the kitchen doorway to keep her out of the kitchen.

Cheyenne is one smart cookie…the other day I put the gate up into the kitchen and she saw me do that so she turned around and crawled to the other doorway out into the hallway…so I had to put that gate up too!! Little Stinker!!
She has come such a long way in such a short time and I treasure every new thing she learns and can’t wait to see what comes next…not sure I’m ready for it, but it will happen whether I am ready or not!!