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Cheyenne’s New Bath

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It’s getting very difficult (and messy) to bathe Cheyenne in her baby bathtub in the sink anymore. She loves to splash and wiggle around and it’s just not convenient anymore. So I went out and got her a new bathtub. It’s an inflatable duck tub that fits inside the regular bathtub. It is so cute and last night, she had her first “big bath”!!

She had such a good time and was splashing around and was so cute! This tub is shaped like a duck and when you squeeze the beak, it quacks. So she thought that was funny.

It was much easier to bathe her that way (although I now need to get the little pad/stepstool to kneel down on since my knees aren’t what they used to be) and she could splash and have fun without me having to worry about her falling. This tub is neat because I don’t have to worry about her slipping in the big bathtub. It has a grooved bottom, which is inflatable too. And it’s not really big to where she could move around a lot and slip. If she does fall over, it’s full of air so it’s cushioned! I love this bathtub and it’s much easier!!
At the end of the bath, she petted the duck and told her goodbye….

Awwwww…could she be any cuter??


One thought on “Cheyenne’s New Bath

  1. Meh…just fold up a towel for your knees. 🙂 Very cute tub and pics! I can't wait to see her!

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