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Cheyenne’s 9 Month Update

Well, Cheyenne is just over 9 months and is growing like a weed!! I can’t believe that this past 9 months went so much faster than the previous 9 months that I was pregnant!! Somehow that doesn’t seem fair!! Although I have to say she is progressing just as fast as when she was developing in the womb! I can’t believe it’s less than 3 months until her first birthday!!

Cheyenne got to go on her first vacation and trip a couple of weeks ago when we went down to spend a week with Aunt Leigh Ann & Uncle Christian to help out with Claire and Rachel after Leigh Ann came home from the hospital after having Zoe. Cheyenne, Rachel & Claire all played so well together and had a great time!

She is cruising (walking along holding onto the furniture) very well and she will walk with assistance. Much thanks to Aunt Leigh Ann and Uncle Christian for sending the little car/walker back with us from Austin! Cheyenne loves it and is walking behind it all by herself. She crawls up to it and stands up behind it and will walk across the room or if I put her behind it, she will take off walking across the room pushing it. Sometimes, she will even stop and dance, then continue walking across the room! It is so cute!!

Cheyenne sitting on her new car!!

Cheyenne also got anew big girl carseat!! She is growing so fast that her little infant carrier was getting too small and she wasn’t comfortable in it anymore…not to mention she was nearing the weight maximum for it. So she has a new carseat and is so cute in it!! She rides much more comfortably now and seems to like it!

Cheyenne in her new big girl carseat!!

Cheyenne also has a new tooth coming in! She is getting one of her top teeth in right now and she is taking it much easier than the first two!! It broke through a few days ago and is barely visible, but it is through and will be all the way in before we know it!

She hasn’t been sleeping as well at night or naptime, but that is to be expected when teething, plus she is going through a major milestone getting ready to walk, so that could be contributing to the sleep issues. A few weeks ago, I started sleep training with her and it was hard at first to put her down and listen to her cry or fuss until she finally put herself to sleep. She is getting much better at bedtime, naptimes are still difficult because if she sees light, she thinks she should be up!! Although at least she doesn’t lay back there and cry anymore, she just sits in her crib and plays for a while until she falls asleep. Hopefully soon, she will get back to regular sleeping habits and not have any more problems.

Cheyenne is just changing every day before my eyes. I can’t believe it’s already been 9 months since she was born. Her hair is getting so long and starting to get thicker. Her hair is so fine and absolutely straight…not a curl on her little head…just like her Momma’s was! She is the most beautiful baby girl and I couldn’t have asked for a happier baby!! She is absolutely the happiest baby I have ever seen…she is always (almost) in a good mood and smiling or laughing.

Awesome picture taken by Uncle Christian while we were in Austin

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Cheyenne’s First Vacation

Just short of 9 months old, Cheyenne had her first road trip and vacation! We went down to Austin to stay with my sister Leigh Ann and brother-in-law Christian for a week to help with Rachel & Claire after Leigh Ann came home from the hospital with Baby Zoe.

Cheyenne is very good in the car, but this was a bit of a long drive. Mimi & Pop drove us to Waco and Mom & Dad met us there to take us the rest of the way to Austin. We ate lunch at the Elite Cafe before heading on down to Austin. Cheyenne got a little restless in the car as we left about naptime hoping she would fall asleep and sleep most of the way there. She didn’t. She fussed a little off and on and as is about right, she finally closed her eyes to fall asleep as we pulled into the parking space at the Elite Cafe. But she only stayed like that for a couple of minutes, then she was awake.

So we ate lunch at the Elite Cafe and I fed Cheyenne while we were there. She was pretty good in the restaurant like she always is. She was so excited to see Nana & Grandpa so she got a little restless and after a little “Grandpa time” she was better.

Then we got everything loaded up into Mom & Dad’s car for the second leg of the journey. Got Cheyenne in a clean diaper and off we went. She was asleep before we even got all the way around the circle and back onto the highway. She slept for about an hour and it’s a good thing the trip wasn’t much longer than that because she started fussing not long after she woke up. You know, when we are in the car, we can move around and reposition ourselves. Poor Cheyenne in her carseat can’t do that, so she was getting a little tired of sitting in the same place for so long.

Once we got to Austin, Cheyenne was great!! We had some great times and lots of fun and playing. Cheyenne, Rachel & Claire all played so well together with almost no problems of toy stealing, hair pulling or beating up on each other. They all played together like they had been playing together forever. It was so cute to see them all playing together!!

Cheyenne, Claire and Rachel playing together with the Busy Zoo

All of the girls ate breakfast, lunch and dinner together and had snacks after naptime together and it was great!!

Rachel & Claire called Cheyenne “Chey” all week and they were always saying “Hi Chey”, “Bye Bye Chey” or “Yay Chey!” It was so cute! When we would point to Cheyenne and ask the girls who that was and they would say “Chey!! Hi Chey!” Since they can’t quite say Lori, they called me “Ri” so it was “Hi Ri” or “Bye Bye Ri”. Again, precious!

We had such a great time on our little vacation and we all agreed that we will have to do it again sometime. I had such a good time holding little Baby Zoe and remembering when my little Cheyenne was that little. They grow up so fast and it was so nice to hold an itty bitty baby again!

Thank you to Leigh Ann and Christian for the wonderful accomodations and thank you to Rachel, Claire and Zoe for being so good and so fun to be with this past week!!