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Walking Already??

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Well, just about 2 weeks shy of 11 months, Cheyenne is starting to walk. She has been cruising along the furniture, walls, and people for almost 2 months now and she has really strengthened her legs. Of course, since she was 3 months old, she was wanting to stand up in people’s laps and started getting her leg strength then.

She is standing up and walking a few steps at a time! She started out by putting her hands on her diaper wipes box and not just standing herself up, but picking up the box as she stood up! Now she is just standing up from sitting or crawling. Then once she gets up, she will take a couple or three steps before falling down or catching her balance and sitting back down. Sometimes, she will be walking beside me holding on to just one finger and she will let go all of a sudden and take a few steps on her own. She’s also standing up at the furniture or her walker and just turning and walking away.

She is learning new signs and it is so cute to see her tell me what she wants. When she is starting to get tired, (or maybe she just knows when it is naptime) she will look up at me and sign and say “bed”. So she takes her bottle and goes down for a nap. At bedtime, she knows that when she has her bottle, after that she tells Nana & Grandpa night-night and she tells them bye and “bed” as she signs it.

After dinner, she starts signing and saying “bath”. So we get nake and I go start the bath. When I take her to get in the bath, we have to stop in the bathroom in front of the big mirror so she can see herself in the mirror and tell herself that she is going to take a bath. She loves her bath as she has since she was born!! She splashes and laughs and plays with a few toys and has a ball!! She likes to pet the duck (her bathtub is a huge rubber duck) and is starting to want to give the duck a bath too!!

She is just starting to sign “eat”. Sometimes she does it correctly and other times she just puts a flat hand up to her mouth a few times, but she gets her point across. She isn’t really to the point of telling me she needs to eat, I usually am on top of that and she doesn’t have to tell me, but when I tell her it’s time to eat, she will start signing it.

She has 6 teeth now!! She has 4 on top and 2 on bottom. The 4 on top are still in various stages of being in all the way, but nontheless, she has 6 teeth and is so precious when she smiles and you can see all of them.

She is learning her different body parts and if you ask her where her feet are, she will be more than happy to pick them up and show them to you!! If you ask her where her head is, she will slap herself in the head a few times and smile and laugh!! If you ask her where her ear is, she will either hold on to it, or stick her finger in it!!

She is getting so big so fast and she is at such a cute age right now and I can’t wait to see what she does next!! I can’t believe in just over a month, we’ll be celebrating her 1st birthday!!


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