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Happy 1st Birthday Cheyenne

Because of getting ready for Cheyenne’s birthday party and everything, I didn’t get this posted on her birthday, so here it is now!!

Happy 1st Birthday Cheyenne!!

You have brought me more joy over this last year than I could ever hope for. I have truly loved watching you grow and learn everyday. Even though it went by much faster than I would have liked.

I remember the day you were born like it was yesterday.
You have grown in so many ways and learned so many new things. Some of my favorites are:
The day you came home. You were so beautiful.

The first time you met your Bubba. He loves you so much and was so excited to meet you and even wanted to feed you.

You used to squeak and make noises when you slept. I was always so afraid you would stop breathing. I barely slept at night because I would listen to make sure you were breathing. Sometimes, you would go a few seconds between breaths and I would get so scared, but then I would hear you breath again and be so relieved.
You were absolutely the most precious baby when you started smiling. You have always been such a happy baby and you would smile all the time.

You turned from back to tummy. You worked on it for several days. Of course the time you actually did it, I was in the middle of clearing the camera of all the previous attempts.

You were so cute when you started scooting around. We could no longer just contain you on the blanket. You would scoot right off of it. You never liked being on your tummy until you realized you could move. You would cry and fuss until I turned you back over. Even when you turned from back to tummy, you would then cry and fuss until I turned you back over. But once you realized you could scoot around, you were off…you didn’t mind being on your tummy anymore.

The first time you had cereal was so funny. You weren’t really sure about it, and it was extremely messy. You have come so far with eating.

Then you started sitting on your own and before I knew it, you were getting into a sitting position all by yourself.

When you started crawling, it was all over. Gone were the days of putting the baby down on the blanket and being able to go to the bathroom or get dressed or anything. You were on the move and you haven’t slowed down yet.

I loved watching you “cruise” along the furniture and then you got to where you would just stand there and let go and throw your hands up in the air and be so excited.

Then came the day when you took your first steps at 10 1/2 months old. You took 2 steps and fell on your face. The funny thing was, you didn’t cry. You came up laughing. Then you would take 2 steps and purposely throw yourself on your face. You would laugh every time and thought that was great fun!!

Since then, your walking has improved, you have gotten more steady and are now getting faster.

I have loved every minute of your 1st year. Yes, even the fussy times. Yes, even when you were colicky and wouldn’t stop crying no matter what I did. Yes, even when I was exhausted from lack of sleep. It was all worth it to have such a beautiful princess like you!!

To be honest, every moment of the last year has been my favorite moment. Every time you smile at me is one of my favorite moments. Every time you come I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter,prettier baby girl. I couldn’t have designed you any better myself. I thank God every day for bringing you into my life and blessing me in such awesome ways.

I love you so much Cheyenne!! I love being your Mommy and I look forward to all the other firsts that are coming our way and watching you grow into a beautiful little girl and young woman.

Happy 1st Birthday Princess!!!