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Oh the fun we are having!!

So…I am writing this from my “Mommy Time Out Corner”. Why, you ask, am I writing from my “Mommy Time Out Corner”? Because I see it has been almost 3 months since I last updated my blog, so I have put myself in time out.

I guess to me, it doesn’t seem that much has happened over the last 3 months, but looking back, so many things have happened.

As of my last entry, Cheyenne was just turning 1 and had her first birthday. Well, she’s come a long way since then. No longer is she just the little girl walking around. She is now the little toddler running around, climbing on things, starting to talk up a storm and learning new signs almost every day.

She loves to go out and have some outdoor time after dinner and before bath time and that’s usually when she has a little Grandpa time and he pushes her in her “wee” (swing). She gets so excited to swing that you can’t mention it until you are actually walking out the door. All you hear from her is “wee!! wee!! wee!!” over and over again until she is in the swing.

Here lately we’ve also been drawing a lot with chalk on the sidewalk after swing time. We play out in the front yard and draw all over the sidewalk and have a good time. Sometimes she likes to play in the sprinklers and run through the yard while they are on.

She is eating anything and everything it seems…some days she has a ravenous appetite, the next, she doesn’t want any more than just a few bites. One day she’ll love her chicken nuggets, the next time, she won’t touch them. So that’s how mealtime goes around here, but she is a pretty good eater in general and likes just about everything.

She is learning new signs all the time. We look at our alphabet book and sign the ones we know (and I look up the ones I don’t). What amazes me is that she will sign something when she sees a picture of it, but hadn’t been signing it if she saw it in her daily life. One day we were on the way to the doctor and we were sitting at a red light and a guy rode by on a bicycle. Now, she has seen pictures of bikes in her book and signed it. When she saw this guy on a bike, it didn’t occur to me to tell her it was a bike and try to sign it while she is in the backseat and can’t see me. All of a sudden, I hear “bi” and I look at her and she is signing it. I was so excited. It was so neat. That was also the first time she signed a sentence. She signed “more cracker” She is just getting so big and learning so much.

Cheyenne also got another double ear infection, I think possibly due to two more bottom teeth coming in. She now has 8 teeth and her dentist said her molars could be coming in at any time, because they are a little swollen. Cheyenne was a little snotty one morning and coughing a little and I didn’t really think much about it because she had her two bottom teeth coming in and that’s what happens every time she gets teeth in. Even when she was running a low-grade fever (100 – 101 degrees) I wasn’t too worried because again, she has run low fever 24 to 48 hours before every set of teeth have come in. But when she just started looking bad and looking like she didn’t feel good, I called the doctor, but of course they had just closed. So the next morning, I took her temp and it was 102.5 degrees. I immediately called the doctor and got her in that morning. She had an ear infection in one ear and the other one was very red and in the beginning stages of infection. So, we had 10 days of antibiotics, stronger than before, which yielded constant diarrhea for 10 days and constant diaper rash for 10 days +. She is fine now and was ack to her usual self within a couple of days of starting the antibiotic.

She is talking more and more…a lot of it still doesn’t make sense to anyone but me, but that’s okay. Anytime someone is around, mainly people that she doesn’t know or isn’t part of her daily life, she has to make sure they know I am “Momma”. She will pat me on the shoulder or chest or point to me and say “Momma”. At night, she tells everyone “Ni Ni” (night night) and waves to them and blows kisses. She’s going through a phase right now where she doesn’t want to give kisses good night like she has been. She gets really fussy when it’s time to go to bed, but once she’s in her bed, she tells me “Ni Ni” and is quiet and goes to sleep. I’ll never forget the first night (I tell her night night and I love you every night as I walk out of the room) that I said night night as I was walking out and I heard her say it back. It was so sweet.

She has gotten kind of clingy lately and that’s okay too. It’s actually kind of sweet, because I wondered if she would notice if I fell off the face of the Earth. I think as long as Grandpa (aka BaBa) was around she’d be okay pretty quickly. But lately, if she gets upset or falls down and gets hurt, or anything, she comes running to me and buries her face in my lap and if I pick her up at that time, she will just put her arms around me and cling to me.

She’s also starting to climb on things…she loves to walk over to her walker and stand on the base and lean up on it and lay across it. She thinks that is the neatest thing in the world. She also likes to climb up on the fireplace, which of course I discourage and redirect her activity to something a little safer. She is also starting to walk up to the couch or chair and try to lift her knee up there and climb up but she’s not quite tall enough yet.

There are so many other things that she is doing and I could go on forever, but I won’t…..
I promise I will update again very soon.