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Climbing fun

Well, little Miss Cheyenne has a new love….climbing. It hasn’t gotten out of control yet, but she is definitely testing her climbing skills (and keeping Mommy in a constant nervous state). She turned 15 months about a week ago and like I say every month, she is like a whole new baby…excuse me…Little girl. She is no longer the little baby that just laid there or let me hold her for hours on end. She is now a precious little girl who makes it known when she is not happy and lets everyone know what she wants. She is testing her balance (along with my patience) on a daily basis. On her 15 month “birthday”, she learned to crawl up on the couch. Now she is crawling up there every 5 minutes and standing up, walking and crawling from side to side over the console seat. She will crawl over to the lamp on either side of the couch and say what is her version of light. Then she will sign that it is hot. Sure, she has fallen off the couch a couple of times, luckily she didn’t get hurt, but she has learned from it already and is more careful about how she gets down.

She is also in love with the fireplace. She will crawl up on there or just sit down on it, and stand up on the hearth or sit there and watch her tv shows. She really is cute sitting there, but I am always on alert when she is up there. I don’t want to tell her no every time, she needs to be able to explore her surroundings, but I am ready at any moment to go lunging across the room to get her if she falls. She is really pretty careful and seems to know that if she falls, she could get hurt.

My little girl is growing up every day and I see differences in her all the time. She will now do small tasks I ask her to do, such as putting up the pieces to her Mr. Potato Head. She will go get the pieces and bring them to the case. Or picking up her flash cards that she throws all around the room. She will pick them up a few at a time and bring them to me. She will also put her books up if they get strewn around the room. She is just becoming such a little girl and I love her more every day (if that is possible).