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Cheyenne’s First Halloween Party

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Cheyenne and I have joined a playgroup recently and we attended our first playdate on Monday. It was a little Halloween Trick or Treat out at a park in Plano. All the kids dressed in their costumes and they had a few of the moms handing out candy so all the kids got to go Trick or Treating. Cheyenne was an adorable little ladybug and was so cute.

They had pizza too and Cheyenne ate some cheese pizza and then got to go get her candy. We all just kind of hung out on the pavillion and visited and then we kind of migrated to the playground and the kids played on the playground for a while.

It was a great time, and I look forward to future playdates with this group. There are several kids around Cheyenne’s age and I think this will be a good group to get to know. We are signed up for several more playdates over the next month or so. This group is so active that there is something scheduled almost every day and sometimes more than one. I am really excited about meeting some new moms and letting Cheyenne get to make some friends and be able to interact with other kids her age.

One thought on “Cheyenne’s First Halloween Party

  1. That's great! I'm so glad you got to join a playgroup. It's such a community feel, and sometimes when I can't vent to anyone else, I know I can vent to my fellow moms. :)Chy is one cute ladybug! I love her costume!

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