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It seems every day is more and more bittersweet as I see my little Cheyenne growing up, no longer a tiny baby I could just sit and hold for hours, but growing up and becoming a beautiful little girl. She is walking (and running) all over the place, cimbing on everything (the couch, the fireplace, the recliners) and now starting to imitate things.

She is obsessed with Blue’s Clues. She wants to watch it all the time and she does the gesture for Blue’s Clues as is done in the show. She walks (or runs) up to me and says “Boo! Boo! Boo!” while making the gesture and I know she is adamantly requesting Blue’s Clues. She has a favorite episode that we watch over and over and now she is starting to mimic the events in the show. There is a part where they clap their hands and she will clap her hands with them. Then there is a song that where they clap their hands, stomp their feet, jump up and down and at the end scream. She does every bit of it. It is hilarious.

She is learning some of her letters. She knows B and S and she knows the number 1. She also recognizes M, but doesn’t say M. She says “Momma”. There are so many things that she is doing and I am amazed every day at how fast she is growing and everything she is learning.

When we go out into the garage to get in the car to go somewhere, she walks directly around the car, doesn’t wander out into the driveway. She knows to hold Mommy’s hand when we walk out onto the front porch and a lot of times, she will stop and hold her hand up to hold my hand as we are walking somewhere. It amazes me the things that I have taught her without realizing it. Kids are so absorbent and they pick up on patterns and repetitive behavior (such as holding her hand every time we walk out the front door and now she won’t go out the front door until I am holding her hand). When we get out of the car in the garage, again, she doesn’t walk out into the driveway, she walks around the back of the car and straight up to the back door.

I just can’t believe that she is turning into a little girl now and not just a baby. She follows directions, for the most part and if she is asked to do something or pick something up, she does it. I just can’t believe how well behaved she I’m sure that will change before long so I am going to enjoy it while I have it.


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