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We love our playgroup!!

Now that Spring is upon us, we are venturing out of the house more often and going to a lot more playdates with our awesome playgroup. 
We had fun at our St. Patrick’s Day playdate where the kids got to search for treasure.
And then we had a playdate to celebrate the 2nd birthday of our playgroup.  We’ve only been members for about 7 months, but have met several new friends both for Cheyenne and myself and I am so glad we joined. 
We also went to a playdate where the kids made Mother’s Day handprint bouquets.  They were adorable and so fun!! 
Cheyenne and I hosted our first playdate the other day and it was pretty fun.  We hosted a bubble playdate at a park near our house and there were 3 other moms that joined us.  I had gotten huge bubble wands and trays for each child along with a small bottle of scented bubbles.  I had also gotten a bubble machine, but as is typical, I was running a little late and so I grabbed the batteries to take with me and put in once we got there.  What I didn’t plan for was having to have a screwdriver to open the panel to put the batteries in.  Needless to say, we weren’t able to use the bubble machine.  But the kids had a  great time with their huge wands and trays of bubbles.  I think they worked better for kids this age because they weren’t the tiny wands that come in the bottles of bubbles that they have to blow.  There was the perfect amount of wind (sometimes pretty strong) that all the kids had to do was hold their wands up and the wind would blow the bubbles for them! 
Then today, we hosted a playdate at a new park that we haven’t been to before.  Coffee Park is a great park and Cheyenne had a blast.  I really like the playground area because it is that squishy soft padded playground flooring instead of gravel or wood chips.  I have lost count of the number of times I have come home after a playdate and changed Cheyenne’s diaper full of wood chips.  🙂   We had 4 moms attend this morning, which was down from 11 that originally RSVPd, but the sky looked like it could fall at any moment and we were expecting rain, but we went and luckily it didn’t rain on us. 

So we are so glad that we joined this playgroup and even more excited that it’s warming up and we are able to get out and about!!  

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Spring is here!!

Finally, the cold weather of winter that I despise so much has gone away and Spring has emerged!  I love Spring and love that the weather is warming up and we are able to finally spend more than 10 minutes outside at a time.  Other than our allergies, which seem to be torturing both of us from time to time, we have been having lots of fun being outside and being more active in our playgroup. 

Cheyenne has just exploded with knowledge and cuteness over the last couple of months and I am amazed every day at the things she is learning and doing.  She is saying so many words and quite a few phases now and some of the things that come out of her mouth are hilarious! 
–  When the dogs start barking out in the dog room, she will yell from the living room, “Hush dogs” or “Hush Toot”   Toot is our new puppy and Cheyenne is crazy about her and they play together quite often. 

–  When she goes to bed at night, she tells everybody “night night” and “zuzz you” which is love you.  Sometimes she says “seep tight”.  And then she blows kisses to everybody, sometimes at ear piercing levels. 

– She is all about saying “hi” to everyone right now.  She will be minding her own business and playing with her toys and she will turn to me and just say “Hi Momma”.  She does this often throughout the day. 

–  Her newest thing just started last night.  She was in her high chair eating dinner and I was across the kitchen fixing the rest of her dinner and she said “yoohoo…Momma”  And the yoo-hoo was high pitched to get my attention.  It was one of the funniest things she has ever done!  My dad just cracked up laughing when he heard her do it later that night. 

–  She is counting and sometimes gets it right and sometimes it’s “one, two, six” 
She knows all of her colors and loves to identify things by their color like her “yellow chair”.

–  She is really into books right now.  She will bring me a book and say “more book” to let me know she wants me to read to her.  Then when I finish it, she will say “more book” and I tell her to put that one back and get another book. So she will go put her book back on the shelf and get another one and bring to me.  “More book”.  Occasionally she will want to “read” her books herself and she will sit down with her book and say “Chey Chey read”. 

–  She knows her name and she makes sure everyone else knows her name.  She will walk up to someone and put her hand on her chest and say “Chey Chey”.  When characters in her show introduce themselves, she introduces herself to them.  She also is learning posession.  If she has something and you try to take it away from her, she will say “Chey Chey’s ball” or whatever it is.  She other new favorite word is “my” or “mine”  She will say “my chair” or hold something and say “mine”. 

I can’t believe she will be 2 in just a few weeks and can’t believe how far we have come in these 2 short years.  We are in a playgroup and go to several playdates a week now that the weather is warming up.  Cheyenne loves to be outside and so we have a lot of playdates at parks and outdoor venues.  A lot of times in the afternoon after nap, she will walk over to the gate and say “side”  to let me know she wants to go outside.  So weather permitting, we go outside a lot in the late afternoon between nap and dinner. 

I can’t believe she is almost 2, but I look forward to all the fun and excitement the next year and beyond holds.