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Thanksgiving 2011

We had a pretty awesome Thanksgiving again this year!  My sister, brother-in-law, and sweet little nieces came up from Austin for Thanksgiving and we had a blast! 
We ate way too much….which I didn’t get any pictures of…because I was eating way too much too!! 
Then we went to the Lake Highlands Rec Center playground to burn off some the big lunch we ate….

Then it was back to Mimi & Pop’s house to visit some more.  At the end of the evening, it was time to take Devon home so he could have Thanksgiving with his dad, grandmother and great-grandmother the next day due to his dad (Jamie) collapsing and being taken to the emergency room on Wednesday night before Thanksgiving.  Luckily, he was okay.  It wasn’t a heart attack, but looked like a panic attack accompanied by low blood sugar.  So they were having Thanksgiving a day late.  Cheyenne loves her big brother so much and loves to give him kisses when he goes back home.
Devon is such a good big brother and loves his little sister so much!  Sometimes he can be a little rambunctious and get her all worked up, but he loves her and loves to play with her and interact with her. 
On Friday, we visited over at Mimi and Pop’s again, but 4 girls under age 4 tend to get restless if cooped up too long, so we had to take a trip to the park.  I introduced them to Abbott Park, which is one of our favorite parks to go to.  They had so much fun playing and running off some energy.

Cheyenne got to swing in a big swing…she loves to swing and is so proud of herself for being in a big swing. 

Zoe and Cheyenne decided to slide together!

Rachel was climbing and hiding out, being her usual cute self. 

Claire got to swing with Grandpa.  What a cutie!!

Then we decided to try and get a group photo of the four girls…it was tough, but we finally got a pretty cute shot….

Then it was back to Mimi and Pop’s for a little more visiting, but the girls just wanted to play outside some more.  I think we spent 80% of this day outside.  It was such pretty weather and the girls had so much fun playing together in the backyard.

Cheyenne and Rachel emerged from the foliage and looked like they were up to no good.  I have no idea what they were plotting, but no major events happened, so perhaps it was just a little girl talk…

Then it was time for Cheyenne’s Uncle Christian to play Mega Blocks with the girls.  He would build and they would knock it down.  It looked like tremendous fun.  Claire decided to opt out of the block play and have some quiet time to herself in the background. 
Then it was off for a change of scenery to feed the ducks at White Rock Lake.  With four kids under age 4, you have to change things up pretty often.  The ducks at the lake were plentiful and the geese were almost as big as the kids.  We fed them a lot of bread and they kept wanting more!!

Talk about a lot of ducks.  This isn’t even all of them.  There’s this many more off to the left; not to mention the tons of them that were over by the dock. 
After we fed the ducks at the lake, we went back to the hotel that my sister was staying at and we all had pizza for dinner and the kids loved riding the elevators up and down.  They were glass elevators so the girls loved riding and being able to see everything as they went up and down. 
All in all, this was a great Thanksgiving weekend and I am so glad that they were able to come up to spend this time with us. 

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Just a quick note here to let everyone know what a proud Momma I am tonight! 

I decided to finally take the plunge and decided to take Cheyenne out of the house in panties instead of a diaper.  I have been debating this for a while, because when we go somewhere, she is usually dry when we get home.  Even this morning, the trip to the museum, she was dry when we got back to the house almost 4 hours later. 

So I did it…we took a trip to Target and I made sure I took an extra set of panties and pants just in case.  We walked all through Target and then when we were done, we stopped at Chick-Fil-A to eat dinner and let Cheyenne play in the playscape for a little while. 

I must report, I am so proud.  She didn’t have an accident.  I didn’t have to take her in the bathroom and dig out the change of clothes, clean her up, and put dry clothes on her; then trying to figure out what to do with the wet ones since I forgot to take a plastic bag to put them in.  These were the thoughts that were going through my mind while debating whether or not to attempt this. 

But she did great and made me so proud!!  My little girl is growing up.  How bittersweet this tastes.

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Bob The Builder Isn’t Just for Boys

I just always thought Bob the Builder was for boys.  Devon loved it when he was little, but Cheyenne is a girl and she’s supposed to like Barbie, princesses and lots of pink.  Well, I learned my lesson this weekend.  During the preparation for our garage sale, I came across Devon’s old Bob the Builder stuffed toy that says several phrases and plays the Bob the Builder song. I put it in the box for the garage sale and then the next morning, while we were setting up the garage sale, Cheyenne saw Bob in the box and took him out.  Surprisingly, all these years later, it still worked.  I figured the batteries would have run down.  But Cheyenne took Bob out of the box and figured out that he worked.  She didn’t hardly let go of that thing for the rest of the weekend.  Needless to say, it didn’t get put in the garage sale.

When my friend Vanessa came to the garage sale, I was telling her about Cheyenne’s newfound love for Bob the Builder.  She mentioned that there was a Bob the Builder exhibit at the Museum of Nature out at Fair Park and suggested we take the girls.  So this morning, we went to the Museum of Nature to see the Bob the Builder exhibit. 

There were several stations that the girls enjoyed playing at:


Not to mention the characters that Cheyenne had a good time going around and visiting:

…and climbing on….

All in all, it was a fun time and Cheyenne had a blast!!  So much that she kept dozing off in the car on the way home and I was trying to keep her awake.  When we were almost home, and she was trying so hard to keep her eyes open and stay awake, I asked her if she was tired and she said “yeah” then I asked her if she wanted to go home and take a nap and she said “yep”.  I knew she was tired, because she doesn’t answer like that.  She was so tired that she couldn’t even speak properly.  Finally when we were just a few blocks away, I let her go ahead and nod off. 
When we got to the house, we came in and she went potty and went down for her nap about 1:30 and I woke her up at 4:30.  I’m trying not to let her nap to long, because I want to get back to an earlier bedtime now that she’s starting to adjust to the time change a little bit.
So we had a great time with our friends Vanessa and Penny and Cheyenne was so happy!!
I guess Bob the Builder isn’t just for boys…

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Our Exciting Garage Sale Weekend

We had a last minute garage sale this weekend.  One of our neighbors down the street was having one so Dad suggested we put out the stuff we had and the people that came to the other garage sale would see ours and come down to ours.  Sure enough, it worked.  When our neighbor got customers, she told them about ours 2 houses down and vice versa.  Saturday was a pretty good day and we had lots of customers.  Sunday wasn’t as good, because our neighbor wasn’t having theirs on Sunday, so their signs weren’t out.  So Dad made a couple of signs and put them out on the main roadway and we got a few customers, but not as good as Saturday. 

I have to admit, I was a little nervous and kind of dreading the whole garage sale thing, because you know, I have a 2 year old.  How fun was this going to be??  Amazingly, Cheyenne was a perfect angel.  She sat there with us or walked around a little, but she didn’t try to run out in the alley or around the house and she didn’t mess with all the stuff we had set out.  Dad and I were both amazed at how well she behaved.  But how else would she be?  She is very well-behaved…most of the time.  Not to mention, she stayed out there with us from a little before 9:00 in the morning, until she went down for nap about 1:00 and didn’t have one accident.  She was wearing panties and blue jeans, and she didn’t have any accidents or even have to come in for a potty break.  Then when we went in to take her nap, she sat down and went potty. I was so proud of her.   

My friend Vanessa and her daughter (Cheyenne’s best friend), Penny came over Sunday morning to sell some of Penny’s old toys and the girls had a blast playing together.  I couldn’t resist this picture when I turned around and saw it!!  So cute!!

They had so much fun playing and I’m so glad they came, because I would have been out there by myself this morning.
Then Cheyenne decided to show me what a little lady she is by copying me.  She saw me sitting with my legs crossed and she looked at my legs, then looked at her legs and then crossed her legs like mine.  So precious!!

All in all, we had a good weekend and it wasn’t near as bad as I thought it would be.  I sold some of Cheyenne’s old clothes, a few toys, and  a few other little things.  I also put out the candles that I had and sold several of them.  Of course, I had to sell them at garage sale prices, so I probably didn’t even make what it cost me to make them, but I got rid of several and they aren’t doing anything sitting around here except taking up space. 

We had a good time and even earned a little over $100.  Not too shabby…

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Say what??

Cheyenne’s vocabulary is just exploding and she is saying all kinds of things now (even some she shouldn’t be repeating). 

Some of my favorites are:

“I love you soooo much”

“I still love you Mommy”

“It’s not funny” or if you do something and tell her it’s not funny, she will say “It’s a little bit funny”  ( I can’t imagine where she got that from)

“I love my big brother”

“Can we? Can we?”  when she wants to do something

While she is still learning how to pronounce some of her letters that don’t come until later, some of her pronunciations are absolutely precious and I hope I never forget them.

Bear with me here, I’m trying to type it the way she makes it sound:

yick – lick – all of her l’s are y’s. 
yap – lap
Frampa – Grandpa – yes, she finally graduated from Baba
tayel – towel

She is also learning to sing and while she doesn’t get it right every time and get every word (she’s only 2), she gets the majority of it right and she loves to sing it for people.  She has no fear of being in front of people and has been known to belt out Old MacDonald Had a Farm in the middle of dinner at a restaurant and of course, everyone sitting around us will comment on how cute that is or how well she did.  She will then bow and say thank you.   

Her favorite songs right now are Old MacDonald, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Happy Birthday. 

I look forward to every day to see what will come out of her mouth that day.  She is saying something new every day and just amazing me with how smart she is. 


Do you need to go potty?

That’s right…we are potty training and doing very well might I add.  I started potty training Cheyenne a little over a month ago and I have to say, it has been a breeze, just like almost everything else with this little girl.  I did decide to go ahead and try the bare-bottomed method (even though at first, I said I wasn’t about to try that…just a mess waiting to happen) and I have to admit, it was very successful. 

The first day, I just took her diaper off and let her run around with no bottoms on.  Believe it or not, a few minutes later, Cheyenne stopped what she was doing and ran over to the potty and sat down and went pee pee.  Now, I had put her on it several times over the previous few months, but she only went pee pee about 2 times.  She loved to sit on it though.  Sometimes, she would just sit on it and watch her shows.  But I was amazed that she took to potty training immediately. 

Now she is wearing her panties and pants all day at home and there has only been one accident in the month plus since we have started this journey.  She even went poo poo in the potty on her first day and she was so excited!!  Every time she goes potty, we go empty it in the big potty (don’t dare do it without her…screaming fit and “my turn to do it” will ensue) and then we go back in the den and get her potty chart out and she picks out a sticker and puts it on her chart all by herself (because that’s the only way it’s done) and if she goes poo poo, we have special sparkly poo poo stickers.  I know…a little silly, but hey…I have had no problems with potty training.  We even went to housesit for some friends for 4 or 5 days and I just took her potty and she never skipped a beat. 

                                           Here are her potty charts for last week and this week

Now I have to tell you all the fear I have regarding this.  I have not yet been brave enough to take her out of the house in panties yet. She still naps and sleeps at night in diapers, even though most of the time, she is still dry after nap and usually in the morning when she gets up her diaper is still dry.  But taking her out of the house in panties is just the step I am not looking forward to.  But I know it has to be done and soon.  When we do go somewhere like a playdate or out to eat dinner, she is usually dry when we get back home, but not always.  

The other reason I’m not really jumping to try this step is that she hasn’t gone potty on the big potty and I’m afraid that if we are somewhere and she does tell me she needs to go, then she won’t go because it’s not her potty.  Perhaps I need to go ahead and get one of the toilet seats to put on the big potty and see if she will go on there.

 I am so proud of Cheyenne taking to this so easily and I don’t even have to ask the question “Do you have to go potty?”  Cheyenne will stop whatever she’s doing and go potty.   Well, I’m sure you have all heard enough about Cheyenne’s potty habits, but I just wanted to share with everyone what we’ve been up to. 

She’s growing so fast and getting so big and independent.  She is talking up a storm and speaking in sentences and saying things that I am amazed she is saying.  But that’s for a whole other post!