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Do you need to go potty?


That’s right…we are potty training and doing very well might I add.  I started potty training Cheyenne a little over a month ago and I have to say, it has been a breeze, just like almost everything else with this little girl.  I did decide to go ahead and try the bare-bottomed method (even though at first, I said I wasn’t about to try that…just a mess waiting to happen) and I have to admit, it was very successful. 

The first day, I just took her diaper off and let her run around with no bottoms on.  Believe it or not, a few minutes later, Cheyenne stopped what she was doing and ran over to the potty and sat down and went pee pee.  Now, I had put her on it several times over the previous few months, but she only went pee pee about 2 times.  She loved to sit on it though.  Sometimes, she would just sit on it and watch her shows.  But I was amazed that she took to potty training immediately. 

Now she is wearing her panties and pants all day at home and there has only been one accident in the month plus since we have started this journey.  She even went poo poo in the potty on her first day and she was so excited!!  Every time she goes potty, we go empty it in the big potty (don’t dare do it without her…screaming fit and “my turn to do it” will ensue) and then we go back in the den and get her potty chart out and she picks out a sticker and puts it on her chart all by herself (because that’s the only way it’s done) and if she goes poo poo, we have special sparkly poo poo stickers.  I know…a little silly, but hey…I have had no problems with potty training.  We even went to housesit for some friends for 4 or 5 days and I just took her potty and she never skipped a beat. 

                                           Here are her potty charts for last week and this week

Now I have to tell you all the fear I have regarding this.  I have not yet been brave enough to take her out of the house in panties yet. She still naps and sleeps at night in diapers, even though most of the time, she is still dry after nap and usually in the morning when she gets up her diaper is still dry.  But taking her out of the house in panties is just the step I am not looking forward to.  But I know it has to be done and soon.  When we do go somewhere like a playdate or out to eat dinner, she is usually dry when we get back home, but not always.  

The other reason I’m not really jumping to try this step is that she hasn’t gone potty on the big potty and I’m afraid that if we are somewhere and she does tell me she needs to go, then she won’t go because it’s not her potty.  Perhaps I need to go ahead and get one of the toilet seats to put on the big potty and see if she will go on there.

 I am so proud of Cheyenne taking to this so easily and I don’t even have to ask the question “Do you have to go potty?”  Cheyenne will stop whatever she’s doing and go potty.   Well, I’m sure you have all heard enough about Cheyenne’s potty habits, but I just wanted to share with everyone what we’ve been up to. 

She’s growing so fast and getting so big and independent.  She is talking up a storm and speaking in sentences and saying things that I am amazed she is saying.  But that’s for a whole other post! 


2 thoughts on “Do you need to go potty?

  1. I was afraid when we started taking them places, but they amazingly held it. When we went for walks the first couple of days they had accidents, but I think we waited a few weeks to actually try to go to target or something without diapers. But they've never had an accident at the store. The park…that's another story. Good luck!

  2. Good luck, I hope it goes quickly and smoothly for you! I HATE potty training, my boys think it's such a nuisence to waste their play time to run to the toilet and do their business. They have no problem peeing on characters, one of them said "Deigo wanted to go swimming." Eventually they all get there though, right? Potty Training Problems

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