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Say what??

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Cheyenne’s vocabulary is just exploding and she is saying all kinds of things now (even some she shouldn’t be repeating). 

Some of my favorites are:

“I love you soooo much”

“I still love you Mommy”

“It’s not funny” or if you do something and tell her it’s not funny, she will say “It’s a little bit funny”  ( I can’t imagine where she got that from)

“I love my big brother”

“Can we? Can we?”  when she wants to do something

While she is still learning how to pronounce some of her letters that don’t come until later, some of her pronunciations are absolutely precious and I hope I never forget them.

Bear with me here, I’m trying to type it the way she makes it sound:

yick – lick – all of her l’s are y’s. 
yap – lap
Frampa – Grandpa – yes, she finally graduated from Baba
tayel – towel

She is also learning to sing and while she doesn’t get it right every time and get every word (she’s only 2), she gets the majority of it right and she loves to sing it for people.  She has no fear of being in front of people and has been known to belt out Old MacDonald Had a Farm in the middle of dinner at a restaurant and of course, everyone sitting around us will comment on how cute that is or how well she did.  She will then bow and say thank you.   

Her favorite songs right now are Old MacDonald, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Happy Birthday. 

I look forward to every day to see what will come out of her mouth that day.  She is saying something new every day and just amazing me with how smart she is. 


One thought on “Say what??

  1. I love the mispronunciations. Can't wait to see her again!

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