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Our Exciting Garage Sale Weekend

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We had a last minute garage sale this weekend.  One of our neighbors down the street was having one so Dad suggested we put out the stuff we had and the people that came to the other garage sale would see ours and come down to ours.  Sure enough, it worked.  When our neighbor got customers, she told them about ours 2 houses down and vice versa.  Saturday was a pretty good day and we had lots of customers.  Sunday wasn’t as good, because our neighbor wasn’t having theirs on Sunday, so their signs weren’t out.  So Dad made a couple of signs and put them out on the main roadway and we got a few customers, but not as good as Saturday. 

I have to admit, I was a little nervous and kind of dreading the whole garage sale thing, because you know, I have a 2 year old.  How fun was this going to be??  Amazingly, Cheyenne was a perfect angel.  She sat there with us or walked around a little, but she didn’t try to run out in the alley or around the house and she didn’t mess with all the stuff we had set out.  Dad and I were both amazed at how well she behaved.  But how else would she be?  She is very well-behaved…most of the time.  Not to mention, she stayed out there with us from a little before 9:00 in the morning, until she went down for nap about 1:00 and didn’t have one accident.  She was wearing panties and blue jeans, and she didn’t have any accidents or even have to come in for a potty break.  Then when we went in to take her nap, she sat down and went potty. I was so proud of her.   

My friend Vanessa and her daughter (Cheyenne’s best friend), Penny came over Sunday morning to sell some of Penny’s old toys and the girls had a blast playing together.  I couldn’t resist this picture when I turned around and saw it!!  So cute!!

They had so much fun playing and I’m so glad they came, because I would have been out there by myself this morning.
Then Cheyenne decided to show me what a little lady she is by copying me.  She saw me sitting with my legs crossed and she looked at my legs, then looked at her legs and then crossed her legs like mine.  So precious!!

All in all, we had a good weekend and it wasn’t near as bad as I thought it would be.  I sold some of Cheyenne’s old clothes, a few toys, and  a few other little things.  I also put out the candles that I had and sold several of them.  Of course, I had to sell them at garage sale prices, so I probably didn’t even make what it cost me to make them, but I got rid of several and they aren’t doing anything sitting around here except taking up space. 

We had a good time and even earned a little over $100.  Not too shabby…


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