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Bob The Builder Isn’t Just for Boys

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I just always thought Bob the Builder was for boys.  Devon loved it when he was little, but Cheyenne is a girl and she’s supposed to like Barbie, princesses and lots of pink.  Well, I learned my lesson this weekend.  During the preparation for our garage sale, I came across Devon’s old Bob the Builder stuffed toy that says several phrases and plays the Bob the Builder song. I put it in the box for the garage sale and then the next morning, while we were setting up the garage sale, Cheyenne saw Bob in the box and took him out.  Surprisingly, all these years later, it still worked.  I figured the batteries would have run down.  But Cheyenne took Bob out of the box and figured out that he worked.  She didn’t hardly let go of that thing for the rest of the weekend.  Needless to say, it didn’t get put in the garage sale.

When my friend Vanessa came to the garage sale, I was telling her about Cheyenne’s newfound love for Bob the Builder.  She mentioned that there was a Bob the Builder exhibit at the Museum of Nature out at Fair Park and suggested we take the girls.  So this morning, we went to the Museum of Nature to see the Bob the Builder exhibit. 

There were several stations that the girls enjoyed playing at:


Not to mention the characters that Cheyenne had a good time going around and visiting:

…and climbing on….

All in all, it was a fun time and Cheyenne had a blast!!  So much that she kept dozing off in the car on the way home and I was trying to keep her awake.  When we were almost home, and she was trying so hard to keep her eyes open and stay awake, I asked her if she was tired and she said “yeah” then I asked her if she wanted to go home and take a nap and she said “yep”.  I knew she was tired, because she doesn’t answer like that.  She was so tired that she couldn’t even speak properly.  Finally when we were just a few blocks away, I let her go ahead and nod off. 
When we got to the house, we came in and she went potty and went down for her nap about 1:30 and I woke her up at 4:30.  I’m trying not to let her nap to long, because I want to get back to an earlier bedtime now that she’s starting to adjust to the time change a little bit.
So we had a great time with our friends Vanessa and Penny and Cheyenne was so happy!!
I guess Bob the Builder isn’t just for boys…

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