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Goodbye 2011…Hello 2012!!

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Well, I don’t have an awesome recap of 2011 like so many of the blogs I read, but there were some memorable moments of 2011 that deserve some rememberance.  Unfortunately, one thing that happened this year was that my computer died, so I don’t have most of my pictures from this past year, although the guy at the computer shop was able to pull them off and store them for me until I get another computer.  So luckily, they aren’t lost forever, just in limbo until I can put them on a new computer. 

Anyway, some of the fun things we have done this year….

We had an awesome snowstorm or two and Cheyenne absolutely loved playing in all the snow…and I mean a lot of snow!!

We took a trip to Austin for Zoe’s 1st birthday bash in February and then returned in March for Rachel & Claire’s 3rd birthday bash!  We had so much fun visiting with Cheyenne’s favorite cousins and they all get along so well. 

Then in May, my little boy, who isn’t so little any more, became a teenager.  Yep, I can’t believe he is already 13 years old.  Time has gone by so fast.  He is becoming a young man and surely I’m not old enough to have a teenager, right?? 

Then in June, my little princess turned 2.  We had a backyard birthday party complete with bounce house and swimming pool and had friends over to celebrate the big day and Cheyenne’s cousins came up from Austin to celebrate with us.  We spent a lot of time in the backyard, yes, even in the June heat, swimming and bouncing and just having a good time! 

We spent lots of time in the backyard swimming and even Grandpa got in on the fun on one occasion! 

When it finally started to cool off (at least not 100+ degrees) we went to the Owens Big Orange Pumpkin Farm in October and Cheyenne had a blast feeding the animals and picking out her pumpkin; and being a pumpkin as well!! 

We had lots of playdates with our playgroup throughout the year and met lots of new friends. Since my computer died and I lost most of my pictures temporarily, I don’t have a lot of playdate pics. Here’s one from our Halloween party where the kids had a blast and were all so adorable all dressed up. Then in November, Cheyenne’s cousins came up from Austin to spend Thanksgiving with us and we had a blast.  We went to the park and let the kids play and run off some of their energy from being pent up in the house and they had so much fun!!

Then in December, we made a pre-Christmas trip to Austin to celebrate Christmas with Cheyenne’s cousins.  We had lots of fun, good food made by my sister, and of course lots of presents. 
We all had a blast, but I think Grandpa was in Heaven being surrounded by all of his little princesses!! 
So it turns out, we had a pretty good 2011 and had lots of fun!! 
I hope everyone else had a great 2011 and I hope everyone has a wonderful 2012 like I plan to do!!  Happy New Year!!

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