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We’ve been so busy lately around here trying to get Cheyenne’s room to look like a little girl’s room instead of a storage facility. I’ve had things strewn all around the room in piles of things to throw out, things to put on Craigslist and things to keep.  I’ve finally gotten the room cleaned up a little and am now in the process of rearranging things to see what gives me the most space to move some of her toys back to her room since she loves to play in her room lately. 

One big step was getting Cheyenne a toddler bed. 

She loves her “big girl bed” but the first couple of nights, she wasn’t too crazy about going to sleep in it.  I had to sit with her the first night to get her to calm down and fall asleep.  It took over an hour, but she finally fell asleep.  The one good thing about it, is she doesn’t get out of her bed and come running in the den like I was worried about.  If I’m not in there, she won’t get out of the bed.  She would lay there and cry and call for me.  Even now, she will just lay there and talk to her babies and last night, I heard her singing the alphabet song and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  It is still taking her about an hour to fall asleep, but she is staying in the bed and not crying and having to have me sit with her anymore. 
She is just growing up so fast and I can’t believe it has already been 2 1/2 years.  She loves to play and now that she has her new kitchen and play food, she has been playing in full force almost every day with her kitchen and making me food.  She made me an excellent meal of french fries, hot dogs, a banana, a pear, a pretzel, corn and an orange slice while I’ve been typing this and she even remembered to give me the bottle of ketchup.  It’s amazing to watch her play and hear the things she says as she plays and the things she mentions and thinks to do when she’s playing. 
So I guess I’m going to end this post and go eat some of the delicious lunch my wonderful daughter made for me.  She is now putting it in the oven to reheat it because she says it got cold waiting for me to eat it.  I tell you…this one….she is talking so much and saying so many things that I am constantly amazed at how well and how much she is talking. 


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