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Happy Birthday Winnie the Pooh!!


Today we went to a playdate to celebrate Winnie the Pooh’s birthday!!  It was a lot of fun and we started out by watching the Winnie the Pooh movie and having some snacks that ranged from Pots of Honey (honeycomb cereal) to Heart of Honey sandwiches (heart-shaped sandwiches with peanut butter and honey).  It was so fun and then the girls got to color for a few minutes and play Pin the Tail on Eeyore. 

What birthday party is complete without singing Happy Birthday and having cupcakes??  Well, we had that too!! 

When the picture below starts happening, this is when we know it’s the beginning of the end of the playdate.  It seems at the end of every playdate at someone’s home, all the kids start jumping on the couch to signal the end of the playdate. 

Soon after that, the meltdowns will start and it is time to go home.  Today, they happened to get all hyped up from the cupcakes (Thanks Vanessa!!  lol)  and really had fun playing together! 

I had no idea that today was Winnie the Pooh’s birthday, but leave it up to Vanessa to know.  She is so good at coming up with themes and playdates and I just have to give her props for being such a great organizer of our group!!  We love you Vanessa!! 

Cheyenne loves her playgroup so much and almost every morning when she gets up, she asks me if we are going to a playdate.  The days we are, she gets so excited and starts jumping up and down and squealing like the little girl that she is.  She loves the kids in the group and always has such a good time getting together with her friends.  She is such a little social butterfly and loves to perform for her friends and their mommies.  We have lots of fun playdates coming up and she is so excited!! 


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Winnie the Pooh!!

  1. Chey looks like she's doing the "ride the pony" move and smacking herself on the rear. Awesome!

  2. LOL….now that you mention it…hahaha. They always finish up the playdate jumping on the couches. I happened to get her mid-jump and I thought it was pretty cute! 🙂

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