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Cheyenne’s Taking After Her Momma!!

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We had a playdate last week at the Walnut Recreation Center where they have a gym complete with uneven bars, balance beams, rings, trampolines, plenty of floor space, vaults and lots of fun! 

Cheyenne loves going there and had a blast both times we have been there.  We plan on going more often and I am hoping to enroll her in the preschool gymnastics classes when they start up this spring. 

She loves the trampolines…

They even have a long tumbling trampoline that she loves to get on and run from end to end and jump and land on her butt. 

She wanted to swing on the rope a few times, and thought that was really neat!

Then she saw the pom poms and decided to play cheerleader!  So cute!

She even walked on the balance beams, both the low and high ones…holding my hand of course, but she didn’t really need to.  She was putting one foot in front of the other and was barely holding my hand. 

She also had fun swinging on the bars, but my picture of that didn’t come out.  😦

Being as I was a gymnast all of my childhood, until I was a teenager, I get back in a gym and it brings back so many memories and regrets for quitting.  I had hopes and dreams of going to the Olympics and being the next Mary Lou Retton ( I know, I just aged myself).  So it excites me to see Cheyenne enjoy it and I am so excited to get her enrolled in classes.  She will love it!! 


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