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We Made Homemade Play Dough!!

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Today was a glimpse into my future as Cheyenne had to skip naptime today in order to go to a doctor’s appointment at 3:00.  Everything is fine, she just has had a yeast infection that has been coming and going for a while and the over the counter medicine the doctor recommended wasn’t working so we had to go in and let her look at it and she gave us a prescription for the stronger cream to put on it.  She got up a little later than normal, so there was no putting her down a little early for a short nap…I just knew that wasn’t going to happen, so I didn’t even try. 

So in order to keep her occupied, out of trouble and compliant while we waited to go to the doctor’s appointment, we made some play dough.  Again, Pinterest is to blame…I have found so many fun activites and crafts for us to do and I have found several play dough recipes and picked one today to try.  What I liked about this recipe is that it is a no-cook recipe.  A lot of the play dough recipes I have come across have to be cooked at one point or another.  This one was so easy and Cheyenne actually helped me make it. 

No-Cook Play Dough
Recipe from:Dirt & Boogers

2 cups four

1 cup salt
2 tbsps cream of tartar
2 tbsps oil
1.5-2 cups boiling water
food coloring

*Combine all dry ingredients together and then add oil.

*Pour in water and mix and knead with hands. It will loose it’s stickiness and form a nice ball of dough.

* You can add glitter or a fragrance to make it more fun. Also a few drops of glycerin makes the dough stretchy and shiny.

**Lori’s Note**
If you are going to use food coloring to color your play dough, I would suggest adding it to the boiling water before mixing the water into the dry ingredients.  I mixed it all and then added the food coloring and my hands are still red!! 

This was a fun project and Cheyenne had a blast and said “This is so much fun!!”  She was especially excited that she got to help.  This makes a pretty big batch so you may want to half it.  I divided it into 2 parts and added glitter to one part and left one part just plain pink. 

Cheyenne immediately took some in to her table and got to work playing with it.  I gave her some Valentine’s cookie cutters that we had gotten at Target’s dollar spot and she had a blast making hearts, Xs and Os. 
I have to admit that I love this play dough.  It is so soft and squishy and doesn’t seem to dry out as quickly as store bought play dough.  We put it up when we went to the doctor and when I got back, I saw a piece laying on the floor under her table that we had missed, so  I picked it up expecting to have to throw it away, but it was just as soft and squishy as when we made it. 

We will definitely be making more batches and colors of this play dough.  I also like that it doesn’t have all the junk in it that store bought play dough has. 

Let me know if you try this!  We love it!  I even sat here this afternoon playing with a piece of it for a while.  But then again, I love play dough period!  I could sit and play with play dough all day long. 


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