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Hello Kitty and Mardi Gras…Fun Playdates!!

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We have had a couple of really fun playdates over the last week and Cheyenne had so much fun and was so adorable!!

Last Friday, we went to a Hello Kitty playdate at our friend Vanessa’s house.  Vanessa always does such a good job setting up her playdates and everything is always so adorable. 

After a little playtime, the girls decorated Hello Kitty hats and they were so cute!!

Then they had a snack followed by more playtime.

Each little girl got a goody bag to take home with Hello Kitty goodies in it.  Cheyenne got a Hello Kitty notebook, lip gloss, nail polish and pez dispenser.  She absolutely loves the pez dispenser and is always wanting to put candy in it.  I guess I’ll have to keep her supplied with Pez.  🙂

On Fat Tuesday, we had a Mardi Gras playdate and it was so cute as usual, even though Cheyenne was in rare form.  She was fussy and cranky, so much so that one of the other moms said that was unlike Cheyenne, she’d never seen her that upset.  I think it has a lot to do with the fact that she is getting 3 molars in all at the same time. 
The kids all had a snack and got a mask and Cheyenne loved her mask!!
Then we all made Mardi Gras floats, which ended up being the moms making them and the kids helped embellish for a minute or two whenever they could take a break from playing.  But it was fun and they all turned out so cute!!
Then we had a little Mardi Gras parade with our floats.

So we’ve had a fun week or so and have a lot more fun playdates coming up!!  Cheyenne loves going to playdates and seeing her friends and I am so glad that she is developing good friendships with the kids in our group, even if there are skirmishes and tantrums once in a while, they are to be expected with 2 and 3 year olds.  I am also so grateful for the awesome moms in this group that I am developing some wonderful friendships with too!!   


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