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Johnny Appleseed Playdate

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Today is Johnny Appleseed Day and we went to a playdate to celebrate!

The girls watched a short Johnny Appleseed video and then it was time for our craft.  They painted apple trees using popsicle sticks for the trunk and painting the leaves with apple halves and then used a cork to make apples on the tree. 

It was so fun and it was exciting to see Cheyenne actually do a craft all by herself and I didn’t have to help her at all.  I did fill in a couple of spots, but I love that this was a craft that she could do and I didn’t have to end up sitting down and doing it for her. 

Then they sat down for an apple snack with applesauce, apple slices, and apple mini muffins.  Apparently Cheyenne loves apple muffins.  I was not sure she would eat them since she tends to dislike trying new things, but she ate them up!!  Looks like I’ll have to make some for her to have here at home! 

After snack time, it was, of course, play time!  These girls love to play together and they played while us moms got to sit and visit. 

Penny would lay on the couch and Cheyenne would get on the table next to the couch and jump on Penny and tickle her.  The first time I saw her do it, I jumped up and ran over there afraid she was going to hurt Penny.  Penny was laughing so hard and Cheyenne was tickling her saying “Tickle tickle tickle”  It was adorable. 

Here is her finished apple tree and I must say she did a pretty good job all by herself!!

Cheyenne loves her friends and her playdates and I am so happy we are part of such a great group!!  Happy Johnny Appleseed Day!! 


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