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Planting Flowers!

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Yesterday, we had a fun playdate and were grateful for the beautiful weather after the cloudy, cold, rainy weekend we had.  It was so pretty out and Cheyenne and I hosted a playdate at a park/playground for some play time and to plant flowers. 

I provided a pot, soil, and flower for each kiddo attending and then also took paint, markers and chalk so they could decorate their pots before planting their flower. 

Unfortunately, a lot of people cancelled so there was only one other mom and kiddo there, but that was fine, because we hadn’t seen them in a while.  Cheyenne and Vienna played on the playground for a while and then we convinced them to come over to the table and plant their flowers. 

They decorated their pots and it was fun watching them just freely paint their pots.  Then they planted their flower and once that was done, the interest was gone.

Then it was time to play on the playground some more before going home for naptime!

We had such a good time and we were so happy to see Vienna and her mommy, Rebecca!  

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