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It’s Finally Kite Flying Season!!

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I am so glad that Spring is finally here!  I love Spring and, minus the allergies that often plague me, this is my favorite time of year.  I love the weather being perfect outside…warm enough to wear shorts, but not so hot yet that walking outside, you feel you need a shower…and an inhaler.  Cheyenne loves to play outside and would do it all day long if I would let her. 

Yesterday, we were scheduled to go to a playdate at a friend’s house, but since the weather has been so pretty, she suggested we move it to the park by her house.  She brought some kites and bubbles and we had a great time just playing in the huge field. 

While the weather wasn’t 100% cooperative, it was cloudy, but nice, and the wind wasn’t really steady or strong enough to fly kites, there were some times there was a nice wind blowing and the girls got to fly kites for a little bit.  This was Cheyenne’s first time flying a kite and she loved it!!  She’d get the kite and take off running and if there was enough wind, it would fly behind her. 

Then we went for a walk across the big field and looked at the pretty flowers.  There were some Indian Paintbrushes and some Bluebonnets and the girls had a great time walking around looking at them.  Of course, being 2, they don’t know not to pick the wildflowers, so we ended up with a couple of souveniers to bring home. 

Then the sun started coming out and warming up, so we packed it up and headed home since we had dressed for cooler, cloudy weather, it was getting warm. 

This is such a cute picture of the girls that were there!!  They are all growing so fast!

Every once in a while, I get a picture of Cheyenne that I just love…this is it!!

We had such a good time and I will definitely have to get Cheyenne a kite because she had so much fun and kept telling me she wanted a kite.  We’ll definitely have to fly kites again when there is a little more wind, but she had a blast!!


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