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What a Week!!

We had an awesome Easter, despite the crazy week leading up to it.  Cheyenne came down sick Tuesday evening with a 103.5* fever that came out of nowhere.  I ended up taking her to the emergency room Tuesday evening and pretty much learned nothing….except that she didn’t have strep, her chest x-ray was clear and her urine test was clear.  So the doctor said she probably had a virus that would just have to run it’s course.  She had no other symptoms, just the fever. 

Her fever was better for the next couple of days, staying under 101* and she was feeling and acting very normal and active.  So Friday morning, Cheyenne wanted to paint, so I set her up to paint a cool Easter egg craft and she loved it and it turned out so cute!!

Then Friday afternoon, the hospital called and said there was some bacteria growth on her urine culture and she needed to be seen that day to get started on antibiotics.  So I took her back to the emergency room that afternoon and the doctor (the same one from Tuesday) came in and said the bacteria growth wasn’t enough to warrant antibiotics.  But he did do another strep test, which was negative and another urine test, which was clear.  This time, he also drew some blood and although I don’t know what he was testing for, her bloodwork came back normal as well, so again, I was told it was probably just a virus that would have to run it’s course. 

She seemed to be better and wasn’t running any fever Saturday morning and I thought to myself, “Finally, maybe it’s clearing up and she’s getting better.”  That morning, we did yet another Easter craft that I saw on Pinterest and Cheyenne loved getting to paint with marshmallows. 

Her fever did come back that afternoon, but wasn’t too bad.  That evening, after I made dinner, we got out the egg dyes and set out to dye some Easter eggs, which used to be one of my favorite things when I was a kid.  I love the smell of the vinegar and it brought back some good memories. 

This was Cheyenne’s first year dyeing Easter eggs and while she thought it was pretty cool and wanted to do it all at first, dyeing Easter eggs does require a little patience and waiting for just the right shade of color before you can turn or move the eggs.  She quickly lost interest and if she couldn’t do something right that second, she didn’t want to do it at all.  We got all the eggs dyed and then it was time for bed. 

Then Sunday morning happened. 

She woke up sometime in the middle of the night, early morning, while it was still dark.  She was coughing, stuffy, snotty and told me she needed to blow her nose.  So she blew her nose and got in bed with me and went back to sleep…for a little while.  Then the sun began to come up and if that child sees any light, it’s time to get up, despite the time (7:15 on Easter morning).  So we finally got up and Cheyenne ran in to wake up Nana so she could see what the Easter Bunny brought Cheyenne. 

She was so excited to see her Easter basket and as usual the Easter Bunny went a little overboard…I’ll have to have a talk with him.  😉 

She hunted Easter eggs in the den, then we ventured outside to hunt for some more.  Cheyenne was so excited to see that the “Magic Jellybeans” she threw out the night before had grown into suckers in the yard. 

We came back in and she proceeded to eat too much Easter candy, which is pretty much an Easter tradition and she did eat a boiled Easter egg or two. 

Later that morning, I decided it would be fun for me and Cheyenne to make some Easter cupcakes together. 

So we started making cupcakes, and then were suprised by a visit from Grammy and Pop so Cheyenne had to stop and go visit and be a little performer.  Of course, this was her naptime, but I decided to let her stay up so she could visit, and that may have been a mistake, because she started going downhill fast, looking very sick and very tired.  While I hadn’t taken her temp, she seemed to be running a little fever.  Once I got the cupcakes in the oven, I came in to visit with my grandparents and Cheyenne climbed up in my lap and just fell asleep on my shoulder.  Poor baby girl, was just so tired from all the activity and being sick, she just couldn’t stay awake any longer.  So I took her back to her bed to let her get about an hour nap, since it was so late, I didn’t want her to sleep too long. 

Then I finished the cupcakes and frosted them.  Believe it or not, I made cupcakes from scratch and I even made the buttercream frosting from scratch, no packages or mixes of any kind.  I was so proud of myself and I think they turned out really cute and they actually taste good!!

I had decided I was going to attempt to make Easter dinner, which I have never done before. I had picked up a ham and wanted to make a nice Easter dinner.  I have to admit, I did cheat and buy a small boneless ham, because, just for the 4 of us, we didn’t need a 9 pound bone-in ham.  As it is, with the small 5 pound ham, we still have half of it leftover. 

I made a brown sugar glaze to pour over it the last 20 minutes of cooking and then I made some asparagus and glazed carrots.  Even though I love asparagus, I was not impressed with the recipe I made…too much lemon.  But the carrots were awesome and the ham was delicious!!

So all in all, even though it started out kind of rough, we had a great week and lots of fun! Cheyenne had a great Easter and was worn out and ready for bed that evening!

I hope everyone else had a great Easter too!!