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We Tried Something New!!

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Yesterday, I thought I’d try something new.  I’ll admit it, I’m addicted to Pinterest, follow way too many people and pin way too many things that I’ll probably never get done.  But today, I was looking at my Playtime Fun board to try to find something new and different for Cheyenne to do that I already had all the supplies for.  Enter Sidewalk Paint!!

The best part… I had everything on hand!!  Cornstarch, water and food coloring! How easy is that??  I assure you, it is very easy. 

I just mixed 1/4 cup cornstarch and 1/4 cup water.  Cheyenne decided she wanted pink and green sidewalk paint, so that’s what we made. Of course, Cheyenne had to put some color in.

Then I just stirred it up well until the color was to Cheyenne’s satisfaction and this is what we ended up with!  Awesome bright paint!

So we took it outside and I let Cheyenne have at it.  It was kind of hard to really “paint” because we have such a textured sidewalk, but Cheyenne had a blast and used up almost all of the paint.

Even Devon gave it a try…..

Cheyenne loved trying all of her different sized paint brushes and seeing which ones worked better than others.

This was a lot of fun and it was fun to see Cheyenne having such a good time.  She loves to paint and she thought it was pretty cool that the colors got lighter as the paint dried.  she also thought it looked like chalk once it dried. 

Here are her beautiful creations.  She told me that the big yellow one in the middle that looks like it has legs, is an elephant.  This girl has quite an imagination sometimes and I love to hear the things that she comes up with and imagines.

She also did a little color mixing and found that the neon green and neon pink made a nice peachy color.  She thought that was pretty cool too!

This was so easy and only took less than 5 minutes to get it made up. We will definitely be doing this again and again this summer!!


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