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Marble Painting

Cheyenne loves to paint and is always requesting to “go paint”.  I realized she needs more than just a piece of paper and a plate of paints.  I mean, that would get boring after a while, although she never complains. 

Well, thanks to Pinterest, I have found several painting ideas and new ways to paint.  One thing I came across was Marble Painting.  It just so happens, as it often does, that Cheyenne was hanging on the arm of the chair while I was scrolling for new painting ideas, and when she saw the Marble Painting, she immediately asked me what it was and when I told her she wanted to do it.  While we don’t have any marbles (that I know of, I’m sure there’s some somewhere around here) we do have a few sets of Magnetix, so I went in and got a few of the balls for her to use since they are about the same size as marbles. 

She made three Marble Paintings and wanted to make more, but I told her we could do it another time maybe with different colors.  This time, she chose pink, purple, and blue and it turned out really cute! 

I put a little paint in 3 different cups and dropped 2 balls in each one. I also cut a piece of paper to fit inside a metal pan we had.  Then we shook the balls around in the paint to get them covered.  Getting them out of the paint is a little messy and you’ll end up with paint all over your fingers, and some paint coming off of the balls, but I eventually used a popsicle stick to dig it out and then drop it in the pan. 

Then Cheyenne went to town shaking the pan back and forth until all of the paint was off of the balls.

Then we coated them again, put them back in the pan and shook the pan the other way.  Cheyenne had a blast and I think they turned out pretty cool. 

We’ll probably be doing this again pretty soon.