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Snowflake Painting


We did a fun craft over the weekend that we did once before back at Easter time.  I have seen several resist painting posts on Pinterest and it reminded me how much Cheyenne enjoyed it.  She could paint the whole page, yet when we take the tape off, there is a cool picture or pattern left behind!  I was so excited to set this up and let her do it that I didn’t get any pics of the actual process.  😦

I started out making a snowflake with blue painter’s tape cut in half (because I didn’t have any masking tape).  Then I mixed up some different shades of blue paint for Cheyenne to paint different parts of the paper or use the darker colors for effect, but they all ended up getting pretty much mixed together and there isn’t much color difference.  Once the paint dried, I took the tape off, with Cheyenne watching eagerly, and revealed the beautiful snowflake.  Cheyenne thought it was so cool.  I am going to laminate these and start an art notebook, since I have a huge stack of artwork from home and Mother’s Day Out just sitting around.  I am going to select some of the favorites and take pictures of some of the larger ones and laminate and create an art portfolio.  I will post more on that later, once I get it going.  🙂

Here is the finished snowflake!!  We will be doing more of these because Cheyenne loves to paint and loves to see the picture/design once the tape is taken off and is now old enough to think it’s neat and want to do more!


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend with your little ones as well and got to have some fun!


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11 thoughts on “Snowflake Painting

  1. Fun! I always forget fun things like this when I sit the girls down with paints. I just let them go crazy (and crazy they do go)

    • Same here Leigh Ann. I usually just give Cheyenne some paper and paints and let her create whatever she wants. Sometimes it’s just random painting and she’s getting now to where sometimes she will actually paint a picture. Her favorite thing is what we call blot paint. She folds the paper in half and opens it back up, then blobs paint around the paper, kinda close to the fold then closes it again and presses and squeezes the paint around and opens it back up and it almost looks like a Rorschach. It’s pretty cool and she will make several in one sitting sometimes. 🙂 I always forget about the cool things like this too. She had a great time!! 🙂

  2. I love tape resist painting – so much exploration and the snowflake idea is nice. Thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂

  3. My son love to paint, too. I think he would really like a snowflake. Thanks for sharing at the Sunday Showcase!

  4. What fun!! We did the exact same paintings last year and they turned out awesome!! I love having the kids festive drawings around the house!! Stopping over from TGIF, wishing you a blessed weekend!!

    • Thank you so much Mama!! It was fun and I too love having different projects and artwork around. I still have the tape resist Easter egg we did last year on the fridge! LOL Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a blessed weekend as well!

  5. Beautiful snowflakes! We finally have some snow of our own here !!

    Thanks for linking up to TGIF! I hope to see you again tomorrow!
    Beth =-)

    • Thanks Beth! Being here in Texas, we are lucky if we get any snow. We did have a little on Christmas, but other than that it has been nowhere near cold enough. It was actually close to 80* here today….in February. 🙂 I’m hoping to get our new craft posted tonight or tomorrow to link up!! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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