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As usual, I am a little late to the party.  Just after the first of the year, I saw several people posting their Project 365 posts. The idea behind Project 365 is to document your year by taking a photo each day of the year to create a year long photo journal and to remember what is important in life. I got so mad at myself, because I totally wanted to do that and I forgot.  So I decided to start late…better late than never.

So here are our pics from this last week, days 21-27.

Silly Cheyenne

Reading a book to a friend on Monday.


Learning early...

Helping Nana play Poker on Tuesday…she’s learning early. 


January 2013 (57)

Closet remodel on Wednesday…just turned the rods to go along the back…still need to work on the shelves.


Pretty girl!!

Pretty shot of my little angel at the Arboretum on Thursday.


January 2013 (1)

Playing on the huge outdoor xylophone at Perot Museum on Friday.



Chillin’ with her big brother on Saturday.


Sitting with her favorite person in the world…Grandpa, on Sunday.


I hope you all had a wonderful week!!




4 thoughts on “Project 365

  1. Great pics! Project 365 is no joke. I know i’d lose steam in there somewhere.

  2. That’s so cool I would love to do this but I so would fail by day three I’m sure. Can’t wait to see more. Love the photo of Cheyenne and aunt Sherri playing cards priceless!

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