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Project 365 – Week 5

Here are our Project 365 pictures for Week 5:  We had fun spending time outside, celebrating a birthday, being silly, preparing for school and playing with new activities!!


Swinging…she will only let Grandpa swing her because “You swing me into the tree Mommy.”….on Monday.


Birthday cake to celebrate my Grandmother’s birthday…on Tuesday.

Apple smile

Apple smile…..on Wednesday.


Fun cutouts to make a busy bag for Cheyenne….on Thursday.


Our new calendar in the school room….on Friday.


Such a big girl in her new car seat since she maxed the weight limit for her other one….on Saturday.

She loves it!!

Playing with her new geoboard….on Sunday.

I hope you all had a wonderful week and were able to enjoy some fun times with your families!


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Project 365 – Week 4

I am so glad I have challenged myself to do Project 365.  Even if I only share it here on my itty bitty blog, at least I have committed to something and I hope I can follow through so I can look back and see a year’s worth of pictures and how our life has changed over a year.  This week, Cheyenne was feeling much better, was able to go back to school, get pamered and dress up with one of her besties, and enjoy Valentine’s Day.  We had a pretty good week and started getting back into the swing of things.


Valentines made and ready to go for her school Valentine’s Day Party…on Monday.


Working it on the runway at Sweet & Sassy…on Tuesday.


Eating a Valentine mini cupcake…on Wednesday.


I may have gone a little overboard on the Valentine’s Day basket…on Thursday.

Pretty new gown! Her first one!

Cheyenne’s first gown…on Friday.


Painting with pom poms…on Saturday.


Cheyenne’s first homework from Mother’s Day Out. She did such a great job tracing her name…on Sunday.

I’m so glad the sicky bug left our house!  Once Cheyenne got over it, it had a brief flirtation with me and has now left the building! Let’s hope it doesn’t come back any time soon, although I’m not holding my breath.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s week full of love and special moments with your families!!


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Project 365 – Week 3

I completely forgot to post our Project 365 pictures for week 3.  My son had been over for a few days longer than normal and my normal routine and schedule just flew out the window.  Cheyenne woke up Monday morning coughing and by that afternoon when she came home from MDO, she was running fever, so she spent most of this week sick and I didn’t get a picture every day. But here are some of the pics I got this week:


Taking Texas Texas's temperature.

My sick little girl had to make sure she took her baby’s temperature too….on Tuesday.



Getting ready to do the first part of a salt watercolor craft…on Wednesday.


Valentine Heart Craft…on Friday.


Finishing up the Salt Watercolor craft…on Saturday.


New big girl bed….on Sunday.

So there is our week in a nutshell minus a couple of sicky days and being out of our routine.  I hope you and yours are all well and not being affected by this nasty cold going around!



Valentine’s Day Heart Craft

With Valentine’s Day coming up, we decided to get started and get some Valentine’s crafts done.  One day last week, I let Cheyenne do some shaving cream painting. I chose some Valentine colors (red, pink, white and purple) and let her just do a whole piece of paper and then we could decide what we wanted to do with it.


100_6240                     100_6246

Of course once she was done she had to play in the shaving cream!!  That’s the most fun part, right??


Then after a couple of days, I decided we should go ahead and do something with it before Valentine’s Day comes and goes.

I got some of Cheyenne’s Valentine’s cookie cutters and traced around them and cut out some different sized hearts.

100_6260                      100_6266

Then I cut a big heart out of red construction paper and let Cheyenne glue the marbled hearts on the big red heart.  100_6269

Then a really adorable idea came to me and so we did another fun craft and I like this one much better.

I cut out another red heart our of construction paper and let Cheyenne glue one of the marbled hearts in the middle.


I came across some Valentine’s conversation heart stickers that I bought last year and never used, so we got those out and Cheyenne outlined the center heart with those.



I think it turned out pretty cute and Cheyenne was so proud of it, she had to make sure to show it to Nana and Grandpa!!

I hope you all are having fun with your Valentine’s Day crafts!!


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Project 365 (week 2)

I’m so proud of myself for keeping up with this for 2 weeks now.  I was afraid I would miss a day, but according to my brother-in-law, my camera is practically glued to my hand, so I figured it wouldn’t be that hard.

Here’s our pictures for this past week (days 28-34):


"Taking a nap with her friend didn't last....on Monday.

“Taking a nap with her friend Alexis…it didn’t last….on Monday.


I just love seeing this girl smile....on Tuesday.

I just love seeing this girl smile….on Tuesday.


Looking through the hole of a CD...silly girl....on Wednesday.

Looking through the hole of a CD…silly girl….on Wednesday.


Reading her new Highlights Magazine in the car...on Thursday.

Reading her new Highlights Magazine in the car…on Thursday.


Having fun with friends at a playdate....on Friday.

Having fun with friends at a playdate….on Friday.


Jumping on her new trampoline...on Saturday.

Jumping on her new trampoline…on Saturday.


Playing with shaving cream after doing a project....on Sunday.

Playing with shaving cream after doing a project….on Sunday.


We had some fun times this past week and I for one am so glad it is warming up and Spring is on its’ way!!

Have a great week!!