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Project 365 – Week 3

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I completely forgot to post our Project 365 pictures for week 3.  My son had been over for a few days longer than normal and my normal routine and schedule just flew out the window.  Cheyenne woke up Monday morning coughing and by that afternoon when she came home from MDO, she was running fever, so she spent most of this week sick and I didn’t get a picture every day. But here are some of the pics I got this week:


Taking Texas Texas's temperature.

My sick little girl had to make sure she took her baby’s temperature too….on Tuesday.



Getting ready to do the first part of a salt watercolor craft…on Wednesday.


Valentine Heart Craft…on Friday.


Finishing up the Salt Watercolor craft…on Saturday.


New big girl bed….on Sunday.

So there is our week in a nutshell minus a couple of sicky days and being out of our routine.  I hope you and yours are all well and not being affected by this nasty cold going around!


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