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Project 365 – Week 4

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I am so glad I have challenged myself to do Project 365.  Even if I only share it here on my itty bitty blog, at least I have committed to something and I hope I can follow through so I can look back and see a year’s worth of pictures and how our life has changed over a year.  This week, Cheyenne was feeling much better, was able to go back to school, get pamered and dress up with one of her besties, and enjoy Valentine’s Day.  We had a pretty good week and started getting back into the swing of things.


Valentines made and ready to go for her school Valentine’s Day Party…on Monday.


Working it on the runway at Sweet & Sassy…on Tuesday.


Eating a Valentine mini cupcake…on Wednesday.


I may have gone a little overboard on the Valentine’s Day basket…on Thursday.

Pretty new gown! Her first one!

Cheyenne’s first gown…on Friday.


Painting with pom poms…on Saturday.


Cheyenne’s first homework from Mother’s Day Out. She did such a great job tracing her name…on Sunday.

I’m so glad the sicky bug left our house!  Once Cheyenne got over it, it had a brief flirtation with me and has now left the building! Let’s hope it doesn’t come back any time soon, although I’m not holding my breath.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s week full of love and special moments with your families!!


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