Simply Summers

Simplified Chaos


I’m Lori and I’m a mom, maid, cook, teacher, and so much more.  I have a 3 year old daughter (Cheyenne) who I am going to preschool at home and a 14 year old son (Devon) that comes to visit every couple of weeks.

I spend most of my time chasing and entertaining my 3 year old daughter.  When I’m not doing that, I’m doing lots of laundry, trying (key word “trying”) to clean house (even though it looks like I’ve done nothing shortly thereafter), cooking, reading and I may or may not occasionally partake of a nap while my daughter naps.  Sometimes it’s just needed.  🙂   We are also in a playgroup with several of our friends and we go to playdates and discover new places and things to do as well as continue to enjoy some of our old favorites.

At SimplySummers, we will share our preschool experience as we grow and learn.  We will also share our arts and crafts and many other activities we enjoy as well as our playdates and daily life.  From time to time I will post a new recipe that we have tried and loved as well as some lunches and snacks for the littles.

Want to know more??  E-mail me at  I’d love to hear from you!!  I also love to read everyone’s comments, so comment away.  🙂

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