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Cheyenne’s Spring Program at Mother’s Day Out

The end of the school year is coming up very soon and that means End of the Year celebrations!  Cheyenne had her Spring Program at Mother’s Day Out the other day and it was so precious!   The music teacher chose the theme Music and Motion in the Spring and watching a group of 3-5 year olds sing and move to the music was priceless.  One song they sang was Let’s Go Fly a Kite from Mary Poppins and they each had a little scarf that they waved around while they sang. I was happy to see how well Cheyenne was following directions and following the music teacher’s movements.  They sang several songs and had hand gestures and movements to go with each of them.  There were a few kids that just couldn’t stay up there for the whole performance.  Once little girl just stood up there crying loudly until one of the teachers went up to comfort her, but she just wanted to go sit with her mom.  There were other kids that periodically came out to the audience to hug on their moms before going back up to the stage.  I was proud of Cheyenne for staying up on the stage and not running down.  A year ago, she would have been one of those kids.  I am so proud of how much she has learned and how she has grown socially, developmentally and spiritually.

Cheyenne had a great time at her program and was so excited about it that for days before, she would tell everyone she knew that “My Spring Program at school is on Wednesday at 10:15!!  Would you like to come to my Program?”  It was so cute!!

I recently got her registered for the summer and fall sessions of Mother’s Day Out at our church.  She has been going during this last school year and has loved it and grown in so many ways.

Here are some pics from her program and I’m hoping to get it on DVD like we did the Christmas Program and the Video Yearbook we got a few weeks ago.








You know she had to throw a little silly in there somewhere!





The color was funny on this one because I took it with my camera and forgot to change the light setting, but this is such a cute picture of her.


It’s Been a While…

I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  As is usually the fact of my life, what I decided and planned to do gets railroaded and doesn’t work out so I create a bigger, better plan and this time, I’m going to stick with it.  I have decided that rather than start a new school year in April, I would wait until September and start fresh with our K4 curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  While I am sort of using her lesson plan that comes with the curriculum, I am supplementing with some other curriculum and lessons I have come across.  So I am sitting down and planning each week out adding in the other curriculum and things I have come across.  I am even planning out our arts and crafts for each day and science experiments for each week.

Over the summer I am going to do some preschool/kindergarten themes I had saved prior to getting the K4 curriculum and never used.  So we are just going to have fun during the summer, do a few themed lessons, do some arts and crafts and lots of playing!!

So on to what we have been doing…..

We have been working some puzzles:







Cheyenne has never been a puzzle girl.  She has never liked puzzles even as a baby and toddler, she never expressed interest in them, gravitated towards them or even wanted to participate when I would get them out and do them with her.  But since I have packed away all of her baby puzzles and bought her some big girl puzzles over the last year, she still hasn’t really seemed interested.  So the other day, I showed her where I had put her puzzles in her closet on a shelf where she could get them whenever she wanted.  In the past, I had to keep them put up or all the pieces would be scattered all over the room or better yet, the entire house.  😦

So when I got a couple of puzzles out the other day for her, we sat and put one together and then she got a little more interested but I guess needs more work to get better at them.  Since she wasn’t that interested, I never pushed them on her, but wanted to reintroduce them to her and see if it sparks an interest.  Since that day, she has asked me to do puzzles again yesterday and today.  I’m hoping she will be a puzzle lover like her Mommy.  I remember as a kid and teenager, we would go to the Hallmark store at least once a month and get Springbok puzzles and we would sit and work the puzzles as a family in the evenings.  Some took no time at all and other took longer.  Believe it or not, those very puzzles are still all together, each one laid out on newspaper, brushed with puzzle glue and stacked on top of each other under our living room couch where they have been since we put them together and each one we completed would get added to the top of the stack.  I was thinking about that the other day and how much I would love to pull those out and see what condition they are in.  It’s been like 20 years or more, people, so there’s no telling.  But I remember one that was some teddy bears doing ballet and I thought that one would be cute to frame and put in Cheyenne’s room.  I would love to take some of them apart and do them again.  (I’ll just have to take pictures before I disassemble them since the boxes are long gone)

Anyway, what a fun trip down memory lane there, but we’ve been up to more than just reminiscing….

We also did a cute craft over a couple of days.  I bought a little simple wood frame and some wood letters at Wal-Mart last week and I decided we would do this as we had a lot of rain over a couple of days and then one (hopefully) last visit from Old Man Winter.  This is Texas ya’ll….winter should be long over by now.

I am running low on paint and didn’t see a color I really liked that would match her décor in her room, which is lime green and hot pink, so I went in and got the paint that I used to paint her entertainment center in her room.  So she painted the frame lime green and the letters hot pink.  Then I had a brilliant idea that I thought would be really cute…putting hot pink polka dots all around the frame.  Cheyenne did help, but I did most of the dots, but the rest of this craft, she did all by herself.  I think it turned out pretty cute!!

Painting a picture frame for her room





Such a silly little girl. She went in the other room and came back in the den looking like this.  I couldn’t resist snapping a picture!

We also spent some time outside after the rain stopped and it warmed up a little.  Did I mention that Cheyenne has seemed to grow super muscles lately??  All of a sudden lately, she is doing things that she’s never done before, using her muscles to swing between the couch and coffee table, hanging and pulling herself up on everything using her own strength.  We were outside in the front yard and Cheyenne called me and when I turned around this is what I saw….


After my heart went back down into my chest, I snapped this picture quickly before letting her know that that was extremely dangerous and urged her to carefully get down.  Especially since this tree’s roots come up above the ground and are very large.  She had completely used her arm strength to pull herself up there and stand up.  I was shocked.  She has tried for a while to climb up there, but hadn’t been able to do it.  I am constantly amazed by this little girl!  🙂



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Week in Pictures – Week 8

We had a busy week this week.  We started school back up, had some play time with friends and just chilled at home.


Princess Cheyenne playing dress up at Alexis’s house…on Monday.


Getting back into school…on Tuesday.


Drawing a diamond…on Wednesday.


Shamrock tattoo she got at a St. Patrick’s Day party playdate….on Thursday.


Beautiful peacock not too far from our house….there were a ton of them….on Friday.


Just chillin’ in Grandpa’s chair listening to a book on the Kindle…on Sunday.

I hope you all had a great week and had lots of fun too!!



Project 365 – Week 7

I did better this week, but still didn’t manage to get a picture every day.  I think I’m just going to turn this into a Week in Pictures post for a while.  I have been thinking about it and have pretty much decided that I am going to abandon the Project 365 for now and just do a week in pictures post to let you see what we have been up to.  I will be starting Project 365 up again on June 8th, which will be Cheyenne’s 4th birthday and I will be doing a Project 365 – Cheyenne….Age 4, and taking a picture each day through the year that she is 4.

So here is our Week in Pictures post for this week…Week 7.


Taking a break in our friends’ backyard….on Monday.


Cheyenne got 3 huge bags of clothes from her bestie, Alexis. This is one of the many adorable outfits…on Tuesday.


Cute new nightgown…on Wednesday.


Another adorable outfit….on Thursday.


Devon absolutely adores his little sister and loves playing with her…on Saturday.


I hope you all had a wonderful week as well!!



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Project 365 – Week 6

Well, I knew it was bound to happen.  I’m just not capable of keeping up with an ongoing project….my life is a huge bundle of ongoing projects!!  LOL  Plus, these are the pictures from week before last, so I will have another post for last week’s pictures coming soon.  So I didn’t get a picture every day that week, but here’s what I did get…


This girl loves to paint…on Tuesday.


Cheyenne and her bestie, Alexis hanging out before we went out of town for the weekend….on Thursday.


Cheyenne’s first carousel ride at her cousin’s birthday party in Austin…on Saturday.


Eating some frozen yogurt with her cousins before heading back home from Austin…on Sunday.

So that’s all the pictures I got for this week.  Hopefully I can get back into it and keep up.  If not, I am still getting good pictures every week and now that it is spring, we are getting out more, having more fun, creating new memories and documenting them along the way.  🙂


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Project 365 – Week 5

Here are our Project 365 pictures for Week 5:  We had fun spending time outside, celebrating a birthday, being silly, preparing for school and playing with new activities!!


Swinging…she will only let Grandpa swing her because “You swing me into the tree Mommy.”….on Monday.


Birthday cake to celebrate my Grandmother’s birthday…on Tuesday.

Apple smile

Apple smile…..on Wednesday.


Fun cutouts to make a busy bag for Cheyenne….on Thursday.


Our new calendar in the school room….on Friday.


Such a big girl in her new car seat since she maxed the weight limit for her other one….on Saturday.

She loves it!!

Playing with her new geoboard….on Sunday.

I hope you all had a wonderful week and were able to enjoy some fun times with your families!


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Project 365 – Week 4

I am so glad I have challenged myself to do Project 365.  Even if I only share it here on my itty bitty blog, at least I have committed to something and I hope I can follow through so I can look back and see a year’s worth of pictures and how our life has changed over a year.  This week, Cheyenne was feeling much better, was able to go back to school, get pamered and dress up with one of her besties, and enjoy Valentine’s Day.  We had a pretty good week and started getting back into the swing of things.


Valentines made and ready to go for her school Valentine’s Day Party…on Monday.


Working it on the runway at Sweet & Sassy…on Tuesday.


Eating a Valentine mini cupcake…on Wednesday.


I may have gone a little overboard on the Valentine’s Day basket…on Thursday.

Pretty new gown! Her first one!

Cheyenne’s first gown…on Friday.


Painting with pom poms…on Saturday.


Cheyenne’s first homework from Mother’s Day Out. She did such a great job tracing her name…on Sunday.

I’m so glad the sicky bug left our house!  Once Cheyenne got over it, it had a brief flirtation with me and has now left the building! Let’s hope it doesn’t come back any time soon, although I’m not holding my breath.  I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s week full of love and special moments with your families!!


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Project 365 – Week 3

I completely forgot to post our Project 365 pictures for week 3.  My son had been over for a few days longer than normal and my normal routine and schedule just flew out the window.  Cheyenne woke up Monday morning coughing and by that afternoon when she came home from MDO, she was running fever, so she spent most of this week sick and I didn’t get a picture every day. But here are some of the pics I got this week:


Taking Texas Texas's temperature.

My sick little girl had to make sure she took her baby’s temperature too….on Tuesday.



Getting ready to do the first part of a salt watercolor craft…on Wednesday.


Valentine Heart Craft…on Friday.


Finishing up the Salt Watercolor craft…on Saturday.


New big girl bed….on Sunday.

So there is our week in a nutshell minus a couple of sicky days and being out of our routine.  I hope you and yours are all well and not being affected by this nasty cold going around!


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Project 365 (week 2)

I’m so proud of myself for keeping up with this for 2 weeks now.  I was afraid I would miss a day, but according to my brother-in-law, my camera is practically glued to my hand, so I figured it wouldn’t be that hard.

Here’s our pictures for this past week (days 28-34):


"Taking a nap with her friend didn't last....on Monday.

“Taking a nap with her friend Alexis…it didn’t last….on Monday.


I just love seeing this girl smile....on Tuesday.

I just love seeing this girl smile….on Tuesday.


Looking through the hole of a CD...silly girl....on Wednesday.

Looking through the hole of a CD…silly girl….on Wednesday.


Reading her new Highlights Magazine in the car...on Thursday.

Reading her new Highlights Magazine in the car…on Thursday.


Having fun with friends at a playdate....on Friday.

Having fun with friends at a playdate….on Friday.


Jumping on her new trampoline...on Saturday.

Jumping on her new trampoline…on Saturday.


Playing with shaving cream after doing a project....on Sunday.

Playing with shaving cream after doing a project….on Sunday.


We had some fun times this past week and I for one am so glad it is warming up and Spring is on its’ way!!

Have a great week!!




Project 365

As usual, I am a little late to the party.  Just after the first of the year, I saw several people posting their Project 365 posts. The idea behind Project 365 is to document your year by taking a photo each day of the year to create a year long photo journal and to remember what is important in life. I got so mad at myself, because I totally wanted to do that and I forgot.  So I decided to start late…better late than never.

So here are our pics from this last week, days 21-27.

Silly Cheyenne

Reading a book to a friend on Monday.


Learning early...

Helping Nana play Poker on Tuesday…she’s learning early. 


January 2013 (57)

Closet remodel on Wednesday…just turned the rods to go along the back…still need to work on the shelves.


Pretty girl!!

Pretty shot of my little angel at the Arboretum on Thursday.


January 2013 (1)

Playing on the huge outdoor xylophone at Perot Museum on Friday.



Chillin’ with her big brother on Saturday.


Sitting with her favorite person in the world…Grandpa, on Sunday.


I hope you all had a wonderful week!!