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Halloween Week

We took a break from the Letter of the Week to do some Halloween themed activities.  Cheyenne has yet another cold, so we took it easy this week, but she had fun doing some of the Halloween activities.

I found this cute Halloween Pack from 3 Dinosaurs.  It is huge and we didn’t get to do all of it, but we did get several things done.  This is a huge pack and has tons of fun Halloween activities.  I have just recently discovered this site and I love it.  It has definitely become one of my favorites for finding preschool lessons and activities.  I will be adding a lot of their printables to our weekly lessons. All of the printables this week are from their Halloween pack linked above.

She started out by doing some pre-writing pages from 3 Dinosaurs.

Shadow Matching:  She loved matching the shadows to the pictures and did a really good job.

There are several dot paint pages in this pack so she was in dot paint heaven!!  This is the only one I got a picture of, but she did several.

Cheyenne loves pretend play and is doing it so much more often now.  She loves to be a little mommy and I just couldn’t resist snapping this picture of her putting her babies down for a nap. I love how careful she was and how she took her time covering them up just right and getting them all comfy.  🙂  What a sweet little girl!!  🙂

She is getting more into mazes, so I love finding alphabet mazes for her to do.  She also does some each week that follow a certain letter through the maze to the end.

She’s really good at matching and she did great at this Halloween Matching page.

Number matching puzzles are always a hit and I’m glad this pack had one!  She loves counting the pictures and matching up the number with it.

Then came Halloween night and my little Minnie Mouse was so cute.  You can read about our Halloween fun here.

Clip cards are a huge hit as well.  She loves clipping the clothespins on the letters.  She does such a good job telling me the picture, sounding it out and telling the what letter the word starts with.  I laminated these for better durability like I do most of the printables so they can also be used again.

We had lots of fun this week, despite Cheyenne being sick with another cold. She had a couple of days where she just wasn’t feeling school and didn’t really want to do anything but play.   I don’t force her to do preschool if she doesn’t want to because I want her to enjoy it, not feel like it is a chore.  She really enjoys doing preschool and often times comes to me and asks “Mommy, can we go do some preschool?”  Now how can you turn that down?  So usually I will go ahead and go back to her room and we will work on some stuff for as long as she wants. Sometimes it’s only 5 minutes, other times she will sit down and do several activities over 3o minutes or an hour.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween week!  We’ll be doing Letter E next week and will start working in some Thanksgiving and Fall activities as well.

I love comments, so please let me know what you think or share some of your activities for the upcoming Fall/Thanksgiving season.

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Halloween 2012

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!  Cheyenne had a blast this year.  She is 3 and had a lot more fun this year and was so polite.  I am so blessed to have such a polite little girl.  I guess I’ve done something right.  🙂  She has always been one to say please and thank you, bless you, and the like.  So when people would answer the door, she would say “Trick or Treat!” and if they asked how she was doing, she would say “I’m fine, thank you.”  Then after she got candy, she would say “Thank you.”  Such a sweet little girl.  I’m so proud!

Anyway, Cheyenne was Minnie Mouse and was absolutely adorable!

She loves to pose and I seriously wonder if I have a little future model on my hands here.

We started off our evening by going to the fall festival at our church and played some games, got some candy and jumped in the bounce house.  They also had a setup in the back of a truck for photo opportunities and it was so cute.

After the festival, we went back home so Cheyenne could go trick or treating in our neighborhood.  This was the first year that she showed a fear of masks.  While we were trick or treating, she saw a few people with masks on (Frankenstein, Jason, several monsters, etc.) and got really scared.  She would be walking ahead of me and see one and she would turn and run back to me and hide behind me.  She went to one house and they answered the door with a Jason mask on and she wouldn’t even go near the porch.  She ran and hid behind me and gave me her basket and said “get it for me”.  She would tell me “I don’t like the bad masks.  They make me afraid.” So I had to explain that they are just pretend, just dressing up for Halloween and it’s nothing to be afraid of.

Then we went over to Cheyenne’s great grandparents’ (my grandparents) house to visit and let them see her costume and finally after no dinner and probably too much candy, even though I cut her off pretty quick, we came home and went to bed.  I feel like such a terrible mom not feeding her dinner, but they were having hot dogs at the festival, and she didn’t want to eat, which makes sense this morning because she has yet another cold.  She doesn’t want to eat breakfast either, but she really doesn’t eat much when she gets her colds.  At least she got to have a fun Halloween before it really hit her!!

I hope you all had a great Halloween!! What fun things did you do on Halloween??


Handprint Spider

With Halloween approaching quickly, we are starting to get in the Halloween spirit. We put some window clings on the front window and glass front door the other day which are supposed to glow in the dark, but I have yet to see any glowing.  But Cheyenne thinks they are neat, so that’s cool.  🙂

I’m wanting to do more Halloween crafts now that we are getting close and Cheyenne loves doing different crafts. Thanks to Pinterest, there are Halloween crafts galore to choose from!!   So today, we made a Handprint Spider.  All you need for this is a piece of paper, some black paint, a couple of googly eyes and some glue to glue on the eyes.

Cheyenne gets so excited about crafts that sometimes I have to just step back and let her do more herself.  This time, she wanted to paint her hands for the handprint spiders, so I hesitantly let her do it, almost hovering the whole time.  She did great and I just had to do a little touch up to get her hand completely covered.

 She painted one hand and made a handprint on the paper.

I put a dot of glue on the back of two googly eyes and Cheyenne put them on her spider ever so carefully and this is what she ended up with!

She did such a great job and had so much fun!!  Give it a try and let me know!!  I love comments!!

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Halloween Footprints

We haven’t done any Halloween crafts yet this year…I know…bad Mommy.  Today Cheyenne came up to me and asked to do a Halloween craft.  So I went to my craft bible, Pinterest, and looked through my Halloween Board to find a fun craft to do.  Since I haven’t been to the dollar store or craft store lately, a lot of the crafts I looked at, we didn’t have all the supplies for.  But I did find one that only needed black construction paper and white paint and…voila!  Halloween Ghost Footprints!

Cheyenne had a blast doing this, even though I did most of it.  I started out by painting one foot white and she stepped on the black paper, then we did her other foot.  After that, I got a dab of black paint and she used her pinky finger to make eyes on her ghosts.   Then I got a black marker and drew a little circle for the mouth on each ghost.

I soon discovered that my white paint pen was dried out, so I substituted white chalk to write Happy Halloween 2012.

Since I was so busy painting feet and making sure they didn’t slip when she did the footprint, I didn’t get any pictures of the process, but here’s her completed Halloween Ghost Footprints!!  It was a fun craft and will be one that will be kept as a memento as well.

If you are running short on supplies, this is an easy one that doesn’t require a lot of supplies and will be a keepsake as well!!  Let me know what you think and give it a shot!!

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