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B Week (or two)

We had to stretch “B Week” into two weeks due to Cheyenne coming down with a nasty cold.  My poor little angel was so snotty and congested and even woke up one day with no voice.  It took a couple of days to come back completely, but she seems to be better now with just a little congestion, but she is definitely back to her old self.  🙂  One thing about this girl is even when she’s sick, she doesn’t act sick.  She still tries to run, jump, play and have fun.  The only time she has ever really acted sick was when she got strep and was running 103-104* fever.

But due to her yucky cold, we took it easy for a few days, and when Sunday came around and she begged me to “go do preschool” I knew she was feeling better and ready to get back into it.

Here’s a recap of some of the things we did over these 2 weeks for “B Week”.

After saying the Pledge of Allegiance and doing our day of the week and weather charts, she started with her Butterfly coloring page.  She’s getting so good at coloring.  She holds the crayon the proper way and does really good at staying in the lines most of the time.

All of our pages here are from Confessions of a Homeschooler’s Letter of the Week curriculum unless otherwise noted.

She did several pre-writing pages and did very well. She is getting so much better at following the lines and she concentrates so hard.

B puzzle…she loves these puzzles! I laminate them and then cut them up into either 6 or 9 pieces and she loves putting them back together.  One thing we love about preschool at home is being able to go to school in our jammies!!

Pre-Writing numbers page.  There are several pre-writing pages in each week’s lessons and she is getting so good at following the lines and tracing the lines, letters and numbers. She did really well on these!

One of her favorites….the Bb Dot Page.  She loves it when I pull these out, because she knows the dot paints are coming out next!!  She loves doing the dot paints.

Upper/lower case sorting….she’s got upper and lower case down pat!!

While it had nothing to do with our B is for Butterfly week, this craft started out to be a tree that was going to be next to our Cut and Paste butterfly craft, but it kinda took a fall turn and Cheyenne put leaves and pumpkins all over and we didn’t have room for the butterfly, so we did it after this.  You can read all about her Fall Scene Craft here.

Here’s the butterfly craft we originally planned to do.  I cut some green construction paper to resemble grass and Cheyenne glued it onto the blue background.  Then I drew a slightly better tree, (since I didn’t put any branches on it) and decided to use Cheyenne’s handprint as the leaves.  It turned out pretty cute. Then Cheyenne glued her butterfly on the paper and was so excited!!

She really loves the Poke pages.  We didn’t get a chance to do the poke page during “A week” but we did this week and Cheyenne loved it! She sat down on the floor with her paper and toothpick and poked the toothpick through the paper on the lines of the upper and lower case B.

Color and upper/lower case matching.  She loves these little puzzles in each week’s lessons.  I just have to say how much I love this little face.  She is finally starting to give me a regular smile when I take her picture instead of the scrunched up face smile.  While the scrunched up face smile is adorable, I’m glad she’s giving me genuine smiles too!

This week, she really enjoyed the magnet page.  I made her some magnet gems, and she totally loved this.  She did this for quite a while and then did some free play with the magnets on the cookie sheet by themselves.

There were a few days when she had her cold that she didn’t seem interested in preschool so I didn’t push it and just tried to get her to relax and take it easy, which, let me tell you is not easy to get a 3 year old to do.  So to sort of stay with the B theme, she played with her blue playdough and made several creations.

We forgot to do her Letter Collage for Letter A so we will have to go back and do that one during review week, but we finished up B week today by doing her B collages.  She put Band-Aids on her upper case B and buttons on her lower case b. She did so well with very little help and had such a good time, she kept saying “More B pages!!” I think she’s really going to like doing her collages every week. We are going to put them all in a notebook and she’ll have an alphabet book as a keepsake.  These collage letters are also from Confessions of a Homeschooler.  The upper case can be found here, and the lower case can be found here.

We ended our “B Week” by having a “B” lunch.  I fixed peanut butter and jelly sandwiches shaped like the letter B, cheese shaped like the letter B and also some bananas.

She loves her “Letter Lunches” at the end of each lesson!!

Despite Cheyenne being sick for a few days, we had a great couple of weeks working on the letter B!

Cheyenne will be starting a Mother’s Day Out program next week so our preschool routine may have to change up a little on the days she goes to that, but I think it will be great!!  🙂