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Cheyenne’s First Ranger Game!!

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Yesterday morning, I won 4 tickets to last night’s Texas Rangers game!!  I LOVE the Texas Rangers and have to admit, baseball is my all-time favorite sport.  If I have to choose between baseball and football, baseball wins out every time!!  I took my friend Vanessa, my dad and Cheyenne got to go to her first Rangers game!!  We had such a great time and she was so well behaved.  She held Grandpa’s hand when we were walking around and she sat in her seat and watched the game pretty much the whole time!

It was such a fun experience and it was so neat to see Cheyenne have such a great time!

Yeah, we had to get a foam finger!!

There’s our Rangers…

One of Cheyenne’s favorite players…David Murphy!!

We hit the 3 million fan mark last night!!

Another of Cheyenne’s favorite players…Nelly Cruz!!

Of course we had to get some cotton candy…..

She even shared her cotton candy with Grandpa!

Cheyenne and Grandpa at the Ranger game!!

She had such a great time!!  I just love this little Ranger dress that Grandpa got her for her birthday!  She’s so adorable in it!!

She didn’t want to leave!

She saw this big pig and wanted me to take her picture.  She thought it was so neat and wanted to get on it, but I had to tell her that you can’t get on it.  😦

She even got a certificate for attending her first Ranger game!!

We had such a great time and Cheyenne got to stay up extremely late for this special occasion and surprisingly, she stayed awake on the 45 minute drive home.

I sure hope we get another opportunity to go to another Ranger game, if not before the end of this season, we will definitely go again next season!! Cheyenne had a blast and thought it was so neat to see her favorite Rangers in person down on the field.  Next time, we’ll have to go on autograph night or get there during batting practice so we can get some autographs and see the players up close!!


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